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Mystery of GrabFood Rider “Sending Food” from S’pore to BKK Revealed: It's by a Thai Content Creator


GrabFood’s Chicken Rice Saga: The Truth Behind the Chicken Rice Air-Flown from Singapore to Bangkok

What, so you can’t have Singapore chicken rice in Thailand after all?

Unfortunately, the viral TikTok video in which a Grab rider was seen delivering chicken rice from Singapore to Thailand was too good to be true – it has been confirmed that it was, indeed, a scripted stunt.

The video, which was filmed by TikTok user @thita.vy, pictured a delivery man – who was decked out in Grab’s signature delivery gear and even a Grab thermal bag – travelling by MRT from Chinatown (where he bought the treasure) to Bangkok, where severe chicken rice cravings had hit a Thai customer.

This customer, as it turns out, was none other than Thai content creator @domteamwork – aka the comedy genius behind the viral stunt. 

Stunt was carried out by a Thai content creator

@domteamwork, who boasts a following of over 200,000 on Tiktok, posted a video detailing how he carried out the stunt on 3 November. 

The video, which garnered over ten million views within a few days, showed the TikToker convincing a Grab delivery rider to carry out his plan.

Though the rider seemed heavily sceptical at first, his mood quickly changed when the TikToker offered him a stack of 10,000 baht (S$381). 

Filming the entire length of his journey with a camera, the rider showed himself travelling from Don Mueang International Airport, to boarding an AirAsia plane to Singapore (where he was videoed by @thita.vy).

There, he took an MRT via the Thomson-East Coast Line to Maxwell MRT Station. 

In the MRT train, he even became pals with a friendly woman, who smilingly waved at the camera. (Maybe she wanted some chicken rice too?)

Delivering the chicken rice


There, he ventured to a hawker centre in Chinatown Complex, and with the help of a translation app, ordered five steaming hot packets of Singapore’s signature chicken rice. 

With the food safely packed in a yellow plastic bag with red lion symbols – which would doubtlessly be a souvenir of his crazy experience – the rider made his way back to Terminal 4 at Changi Airport.

By the time he made his return flight, it was already dinner time—I mean, nighttime at 8:14 pm. 

When he arrived back in Bangkok, it was already pitch dark – perhaps time to sleep in normal circumstances. But now that he had a chicken rice feast ready, there was only one thing to do – eat!

Chicken rice was delivered safely

Thankfully, @domteamwork was kind enough to share the chicken rice with the delivery rider, as well as a few friends. Though it’s unlikely that the food was still warm, the chicken rice still looked delicious with seasoned rice, slices of steamed chicken and cucumbers – and fragrant, shown by the content rider practically inhaling the rice’s garlicky aroma.

Rider shown in video is not registered with Grab, company clarifies

However, despite the happy ending for everyone involved, several netizens were still sceptical. Some commenters on TikTok pointed out that it was strange the rider carried his passport with him.

Earlier this week, a spokesperson from Grab also revealed that the ‘rider’ was not registered with the delivery company. Grab even clarified that they did not offer such services. 

Considering all of this, it’s most plausible that the rider was just someone working with @domteamwork – and the Grab uniform is just a cosplay.

However, whether it was fake or not, the video provided a good laugh to many. Attention from the press overseas was also attracted.

Rider unsure if the trip was worth the money

Despite enjoying the trip, the rider revealed that the plane tickets cost 6,000 baht (S$228.75), which he had to deduct from the 10,000 baht he received.


This didn’t include other expenses such as the chicken rice as well as transport – causing him to say that he didn’t know if the trip was worth the final sum of money he earned.

However, after @domteamwork asked him if he would make the trip again for 20,000 baht (S$762), the man said he would.

Otherwise, the content creator would have to order chicken rice from Thailand or carry out the job himself. 

Nevertheless, one thing is for sure: we’ve found the most expensive chicken rice.

You can watch the YouTube video here:

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