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Viral Video of GrabFood Rider Delivering Chicken Rice from S’pore to BKK is Fake


Cross-Country GrabFood Delivery Debunked: Viral TikTok Video Proven to Be Fictional

With the soaring popularity of Grab across Asia, phrases like “Let’s Grab there” have become part of the daily lexicon.

Additionally, the iconic green Grab uniforms have turned into hot commodities, sold online as souvenirs.

This trend means that just because someone is donning Grab’s recognizable green long-sleeve t-shirt doesn’t necessarily indicate they’re a delivery rider.

This became especially evident with a viral TikTok video that has garnered significant attention. The clip showcases a man, seemingly a Grab delivery rider, purportedly flying from Bangkok to Singapore to ‘fetch chicken rice’.

A Fictional Tale in a 27-Second Clip

The captivating video, which has raked in close to four million views, features a man dressed as a Thai Grab delivery rider.

He is seen boarding an AirAsia flight, clad in the company’s distinct green uniform, holding a Grab thermal delivery bag and his passport.

The TikToker behind the viral video, Thita Vy, boasts over 28,000 followers on TikTok. She filmed the individual both on the plane and at Changi Airport, with his Grab thermal bag in tow.

While she insists that her video capture was serendipitous and that she personally verified the facts with the alleged rider, a Grab spokesperson clarified that the individual was not, in fact, a delivery partner.

Responding to inquiries from The Straits Times, the spokesperson from Grab said that the fictional video was created by a member of the public independently, and Grab does not offer such a service.

The person starring as a delivery partner in the video is also not registered with Grab.

You can watch the full video here:


So, what truly transpired?

It appears someone, maybe the driver himself, attempted to craft a humorous narrative that perhaps went a touch too far.

Some Think It’s Plausible

The video, quite naturally, left many viewers increduled.

Yet, a few speculated that for the affluent, ordering inter-country meals could be commonplace.

They argue that the wealthy could easily foot the bill for both a budget airline ticket and delivery charges.

However, this notion becomes somewhat implausible when considering the need to maintain the freshness of certain dishes, such as the Hainanese chicken rice reportedly involved in this saga.

Given the dish’s nature, it becomes easier to cast doubt upon the claims made.

Furthermore, the Grab spokesperson pointed out that their sole “cross-border” delivery service at the moment is the “100+ Cities Delivery (BETA),” which facilitates the sending of vouchers, gifts, and food to family and friends across over 100 Southeast Asian cities.

A Recurring Fictional Theme

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time such a narrative has made waves.


Back in September, another video that amassed over 1.3 million views depicted a Grab rider allegedly traveling from Medan in Sumatra to Yogyakarta just to procure a renowned snack for a client.

Grab Indonesia was quick to clarify that their delivery partners wouldn’t execute such extensive inter-island tasks.

According to 8world News, the individual featured in that video was Mr Erwin Siahaan, a politician from the Indonesian Solidarity Party and a former delivery rider.

This led some netizens to ponder if this was a calculated move to bolster his image ahead of the 2024 general elections.

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