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M’sian Claims “Several” Uninvited Strangers Just Went to Her Wedding Banquet for a Free Meal


Malaysian Singer’s Wedding Day Marred by Uninvited Guests Seeking Free Meal

Imagine having to chase away gate-crashers instead of receiving well-wishes from your family and friends on your wedding day.

That’s precisely what happened to Malaysian singer Jacqueline Ng, a winner of the annual TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship in Hong Kong.

Recently, Jacqueline has found herself in the spotlight, not because of her new album, but due to the uninvited guests who crashed her wedding.

In a Facebook post she shared on 7 Nov, Jacqueline issued a warning to future brides planning to hold their wedding banquets at wedding halls.

Jacqueline revealed that she received numerous feedback messages from guests who were perplexed by the presence of unfamiliar faces at her wedding, and she was unable to provide them with any answers.

While one or two strangers might have been tolerable, the sheer number of gate-crashers at her wedding, disrupting the officially invited guests, prompted Jacqueline to speak out about the incident.

Invited Guests Left With No Seats

For those who were invited to the wedding, there were designated table numbers and seat assignments.

However, chaos ensued when some invited guests found themselves without a place to sit because “someone else” had taken their seats.

Jacqueline, in her role as the bride, had to not only receive blessings but also manage this situation as the star of the wedding show that day.

Fortunately, Jacqueline had arranged for extra tables in advance, and she directed guests whose seats were taken to these additional seats.


Unfortunately, even the extra seats became occupied, leaving invited guests without a place to sit.

This was an extremely distressing and embarrassing situation for the bride.

Pretended To Be “Neighbour”

One gate-crasher went to great lengths to blend in, pretending to be Jacqueline’s neighbour and taking a seat at a table before eagerly digging into the meal.

However, luck was not on his side, as he had chosen a table designated for Jacqueline’s actual neighbours, who knew exactly who should be on the “Neighbour List.”

According to other neighbours, this man exhibited terrible table manners and, when caught red-handed, tried to excuse himself by blaming traffic and claiming he joined the wedding in a frenzy, leading him to randomly select a table.

The core issue here was that these gate-crashers went unnoticed, turning what should have been a once-in-a-lifetime, joyous occasion into a distressing experience for Jacqueline and her invited guests.

The Only Problem: Coming Uninvited

While Jacqueline was willing to provide more food and pay extra expenses for the wedding, her grievance lay in the disrespectful behaviour of these individuals, which marred the event.

She even expressed her willingness to donate money if these gate-crashers were in need.

In her Facebook post, Jacqueline revealed that she had spent an entire week painstakingly preparing for the table allocations on the wedding day, staying up late night after night to ensure everything was in order.

Initially, she had hesitated to share this issue publicly, but the discourteous actions of these strangers had profoundly affected her important day.


Costs to hold wedding banquets are only rising, and there is little room for mistakes to happen on such an important day.

Thankfully, some of Jacqueline’s guests reached out to verify the situation and even provided photographic evidence of the gate-crashers.

Since then, Jacqueline’s Facebook post has garnered nearly 7,000 shares.

In the comments section, she also included a link to her new album for those who wished to support her music career.

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