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Homenews42YO Chinese Singer Reveals She’s Dating a 23YO Actor

42YO Chinese Singer Reveals She’s Dating a 23YO Actor


Veteran Singer Kym Unveils Romance with Actor 19 Years Younger

The love life of Kym, a 42-year-old Chinese singer and actress, has caught public attention as she reveals her relationship with a much younger partner.

After keeping their relationship under wraps for over a year, Kym has introduced her significant other, confirming that her boyfriend is Sun Chengxiao, a 23-year-old graduate from the prestigious Shanghai Theatre Academy.

From Douyin to Reality

The pair, who starred together in the 2022 Douyin drama Appraiser of Love, first met at a business dinner while Sun was still in his final year of study.

Sun recalls being immediately captivated by Kym and soon after, he poured his heart out to her, undeterred by their age difference.

In a bid to win her over, Sun took to the kitchen, preparing over 100 unique dishes for Kym, a gesture that eventually led to her acceptance of his romantic advances.

Their relationship, once private, has now been flaunted online by Kym.

Revelation on “Viva La Romance” and Weibo

On 3 Nov, Kym took to Weibo to introduce her partner, sharing a video preview from the show Viva La Romance and tagging Sun’s account.

Sun humorously reposted this with a comment about their on-screen hand-holding, saying, “Oops, got caught.”

The 7 Nov premiere of Viva La Romance spotlighted the couple’s 19-year age difference, igniting media buzz.

Viva La Romance, a Mango TV travel-reality series, brings together four couples, including Kym and Sun, to explore and strengthen their relationships while traveling across China.

During their intimate interview on the show, the couple candidly discussed their unique love story.


In the interview, Sun appeared noticeably tense, maintaining a serious demeanor, while Kym, seasoned in the limelight, effortlessly engaged with the production team’s inquiries.

Throughout the conversation, their hands mostly remained tightly clasped.

A humorous moment arose when discussing their ages; Sun mistakenly said Kym was 43, prompting her to playfully correct him.

Sun also noted the serendipity of Kym’s rise to fame, coinciding with the year of his birth.

Watch the full interview here:

Mixed Feedback from Friends; Couple Stays Strong

Kym revealed that her friends’ reactions were divided—some envied her young and handsome boyfriend, while others cautioned her to think pragmatically.

Similarly, Sun’s circle had reservations, with some questioning the relationship’s solidity and advising him to reconsider.

Despite their concerns, Sun affirmed his independence and determination to pursue the relationship, wanting to prove the authenticity of his feelings for Kym.

Faced with contrasting views, the couple chose transparency on the show, with Kym expressing satisfaction with their relationship and a desire to highlight her boyfriend’s merits.


Marriage Aspirations: Securing a Good Man

Kym, who has never concealed her marital aspirations, disclosed that their relationship is grounded in the prospect of marriage.

She expressed her lifelong yearning for matrimony, acknowledging Sun’s potential as a spouse, albeit his youth, quipping that “good men should be off-market.”

Sun, though feeling inexperienced regarding marriage, is keen to tie the knot. He hopes to gain insights from the couples on “Viva La Romance” to prepare for their future together.

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