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Woman Accused of Abetting Ex-BF in His Suicide Was a Beneficiary in a $1 Million Life Policy


From Love to Tragedy: The Disturbing Case of a Funeral Director’s Role in an Ex-Lover’s Suicide

We all aspire to do everything we can for those dear to us, fulfilling their every wish.

But what if that wish is for a somber end?

The narrative of a woman who aided her ex-boyfriend’s suicide, subsequently becoming a beneficiary of his insurance policy to the tune of S$1 million, paints a chilling tale of love and morality.

41-Year-Old Funeral Director Accused of Abetting Suicide; Arrested Half a Year Post Incident

Alverna Cher Sheue Pin, a 41-year-old funeral director at City Funeral Singapore Pte Ltd, is now still under scrutiny.

She’s accused of pushing her ex-boyfriend, 32-year-old musician Wee Jun Xiang, toward ending his own life.

The arrest took place on 2 Dec 2020, six months after the discovery of Mr Wee’s tragic demise. She was charged with culpable homicide the following day, before it was downgraded to helping Mr Wee commit suicide.

The Tangled Web of a Relationship Bound by Death

In early 2019, Ms Cher and Mr Wee embarked on a romantic relationship. By May 2019, merely months into their involvement, Mr Wee had secured a S$1 million life policy with Prudential Singapore, naming Cher as a beneficiary.

Their romance, however, saw a premature end around September 2019, although they managed to maintain a platonic relationship.

Tragically, by February 2020, a despondent Mr Wee confided in Ms Cher about his suicidal intentions, even penning farewell notes to her and some family members. His desire was to leave the insurance payout to his loved ones.

With her experience in the funeral industry, Ms Cher became Mr Wee’s counsel on various suicide methods. She advised on aspects such as the necessity of a medical history and the strategic discovery of his body to bypass police procedures.

A Descent into Desperation

Mr Wee, after some research, decided on using nitrogen gas as his means to end. Ms Cher, rather than dissuading him or seeking external help, seemed to have fueled his intentions.


She offered guidance on posthumous matters and even encouraged a media portrayal of his life post-mortem.

The duo meticulously planned the tragic act, even running a practice session to ensure “perfection” on the designated day.

The depth of their actions’ repercussions was perhaps beyond their comprehension, deeply affecting more loved ones than they might have anticipated.

In a heartfelt interview with Wanbao, Mr. Wee’s distraught mother expressed, “Every time I look at my son’s photos and listen to the songs he composed during his lifetime, I still cannot help but cry.”

Turbulent Court Proceedings

Ms Cher has since faced multiple court trials, investigations, and setbacks.

Supported pro bono by her legal team from Invictus Law, her journey through the justice system has been tumultuous. Following a series of court appearances, she underwent a three-week psychiatric evaluation at Changi Prison Cluster A4.

A subsequent bail request in April 2021, citing the needs of her daughters, was denied. New evidence indicates her direct involvement in Mr Wee’s suicide, including her alleged manipulation of the nitrogen gas tank.

Initially intending to plead guilty in July 2023, Ms. Cher reversed her decision, opting to contest the charges. Her most recent hearing was this Monday, on 30 October, when the $1 million policy was revealed.

Possible Consequences Awaiting Ms Cher

The severity of her alleged actions means Ms. Cher faces potential grave consequences.

If found guilty of aiding suicide or attempted suicide, she could face up to 10 years in prison and a fine.


Convictions related to obstruction of justice carry penalties of up to seven years in prison, a fine, or both. While her original charge of culpable homicide offers a possible life sentence or up to 20 years, along with a fine.

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