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Homenews$2.7 Million Pig-Themed House in Tanglin Went Viral, But Netizens Are Skeptical

$2.7 Million Pig-Themed House in Tanglin Went Viral, But Netizens Are Skeptical


Have you ever scrolled through the real estate side of TikTok and stumbled upon those houses that look like they belong to Hollywood celebrities in Beverly Hills? 

Well, some of these stunning houses are right here in Singapore, but you might not have seen them unless you hang out in the atas neighbourhoods.

While it’s pretty cool to check out houses that are different from our usual HDB blocks and condos, there’s one house that’s been making waves – the Pink Pig House.

As incredible as it looks, some people are questioning if it’s even real. Trust me, when you see what this house looks like, you’ll understand why.

$2.7 Million Pig-Themed House in Tanglin Went Viral Online

On 11 October 2023, popular real estate TikTok account @exoticproperties treated its followers to a visual tour of what they dubbed a $2.7 million house in Singapore. 

The location? Tanglin, Singapore.

This TikTok page has earned its stripes for showcasing the most lavish, eccentric, and, as its username suggests, truly exotic properties, all with eye-watering price tags. 

Its portfolio spans the globe, featuring homes from Japan, the United States, Switzerland, and Singapore.

Recently, the Pig-themed house, bathed in a delightful shade of baby pink, is grabbing much attention globally.

At the entrance of this two-story wonder, a pink hog guardian stands tall, sporting a slightly bewildered expression and a cheerful grin.

But the surprises don’t stop at the front door. As you venture further into the TikTok video, the pig ‘guardian’ appears in nearly every room.


Inside the master bedroom, a pink pig head playfully substitutes for the conventional headboard. Even in the kids’ bedroom, the charm continues, with six endearing piglets serving as headboards for the bunk beds.

But the piggy-themed enchantment doesn’t limit itself to the bedrooms alone. 

Even the house’s restrooms experience the same whimsical design choice, with a massive pig statue positioned in front of the toilet bowl in one of the washrooms.

Gigantic pig heads appear to be a recurring motif throughout the residence. 

In the kitchen, the pig’s presence takes a subtler turn. A two-faced piglet seems to ‘hide’ beneath the dining table as if harbouring concerns about becoming the next meal. 

In contrast to these other pig statues, the cheerful pigs in the lounge area have friendlier expressions, their snouts doubling as air vents, ensuring the room remains well-ventilated as residents and guests unwind.

Netizens Believe Home Isn’t Real, Likely AI-Generated

The TikTok video shared by Exotic Properties has garnered international attention, amassing over six million views as of today (6 November 2023). 

With its distinctive and unconventional architecture, it’s no surprise that this post went viral, boasting an impressive tally of over 300,000 likes, 16,000 comments, and 87,000 shares.

Yet, not all viewers have taken the video at face value. 

Particularly, Singapore-based users have voiced their scepticism in the comments, pointing out that the featured house appears too good to be true at the stated price of $2.7 million. 


If HDB flats cost up to $1 million these days, a house as luxurious and as massive as the Pink Pig House would surely cost more, especially if it is located in one of the more affluent neighbourhoods in Singapore.

The price just doesn’t add up.

Some TikTok users have even speculated about the possibility that the home could be a product of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Other Interesting Home Designs

If you scroll through their TikTok page, you’ll stumble upon some properties that seem too good to be true.

We’re talking about homes with wild designs like a Barbie-themed paradise, a house that’s straight out of a Scooby-Doo, and even one inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter. And that’s not all; they’ve got houses paying homage to Pokémon, Star Wars, and more in the mix.

Among all these wild home designs, the Pig House in Tanglin still holds the crown as one of their most viral properties.


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