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Group of Wild Dogs That Chased Man in Viral Video Will be Trapped & Sterilised; Some Will be Rehomed


What’s the best way to make someone run faster?

According to Insider, some of the best ways to make someone run faster include adding tempo runs consistently to one’s training, staying consistent, and doing hill runs.

But contrary to that, a viral video on TikTok has emerged, showing a new method guaranteed to accelerate anyone’s running speed. 

Even your 70-year-old grandmother may run faster than a chicken crossing the road if you try this method.

The method in question? Get a group of wild dogs to chase you in a park, with no one to rescue you but yourself.

Man Chased by a Group of Wild Dogs in Pasir Ris

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest funny videos and local news, chances are you’ve seen the viral clip of a man being chased by a pack of wild dogs in Pasir Ris.

In the TikTok video, the man can be seen jogging along a park connector in Pasir Ris Drive 3 when a group of dogs on the nearby grassy slope suddenly decided to chase after him.

The dogs can be heard barking and bounding down the slope in pursuit of the man.

The video, uploaded by user @garygaryocp, has garnered over 700,000 views since its posting on Sunday (5 November 2023) and has received more than 12,000 likes.

While many viewers found the clip amusing, it also raised concerns about the presence of these wild dogs roaming in the park.

Wild Dogs Will Be Monitored and Sterilised

Following the virality of the video, the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) is actively monitoring the pack of wild dogs in Pasir Ris and is planning to trap them.


According to The Straits Times, Dr Chang Siow Foong, the group director of community animal management at AVS, said the agency had received a report about an incident in which dogs chased a jogger in Pasir Ris on Saturday evening.

AVS operates as a division under the National Parks Board.

Dr Chang explained that AVS is fully aware of the presence of these free-roaming dogs. 

Once captured, these dogs will be incorporated into their continuous trap-neuter-rehome/release-manage (TNRM) programme.

However, he emphasised that any dogs deemed unsuitable for rehoming would be released in suitable locations, distant from residential areas, allowing them to lead natural lives.

Since the programme’s launch in 2018, over 3,900 free-roaming dogs have been trapped, with 60% successfully finding new homes or foster care.

In September, AVS captured two dogs believed to have been responsible for numerous cat fatalities and displaying aggression towards residents in Fernvale, Ang Mo Kio, Jalan Kayu, and Serangoon North.

When encountering free-roaming dogs, the public is advised to avoid direct eye contact, speak softly, and calmly walk away without sudden movements.

Netizens React to Viral Video

Following the video’s virality, many netizens have reacted, flooding the comments section with their thoughts on witnessing the man’s sprint to escape from the wild dogs.

One user commented, “Train for IPPT surely can pass.”


Another user playfully likened the wild dogs to their IPPT trainers, saying that they reminded them of the IPPT instructors who “chase and bark” at them whenever they attempt to slack off during their runs.

Meanwhile, another user commented, “Dude ran faster than Usain Bolt.”

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