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Interpol Red Notice Issued for Man Who’s Accused of Murdering Wife in Singapore


The 2018 Tragedy of a Filipino Maid and Her Husband’s Betrayal in Singapore

Singapore boasts one of the lowest murder rates globally, as reported by WiseVoter.

With a rate of 0.1 murders per 100,000 people, it stands just behind Bahrain.

However, it’s worth pondering: how many of these murders involve victims who are close to our hearts or were once cherished?

Here’s what happened in 2018.

The Tragic Tale of a Filipino Domestic Helper and Her Bangladeshi Husband

In 2018, the life of Ms Jonalyn Alvarez Raviz, a 34-year-old Filipino maid, was tragically cut short.

The prime suspect?

Her very own husband, Mr Raju Dhaly.

Ms Raviz had been employed in Singapore from February 2010 to November 2011. Afterward, she moved to Hong Kong for a four-year stint, only to return to Singapore. Her return was prompted by her marriage to Mr Raju in 2015.

Mr Raju had been a process maintenance worker in Singapore from 2007 to 2018. However, shortly before the discovery of Ms Raviz’s body, he hastily retreated to Bangladesh.

A Marriage Marred by Threats and Abuse

Ms Raviz’s dream of marital bliss was shattered early on.

Her employers revealed that she often confided in them about her tumultuous marriage. In an interview with State Coroner Kalama, it came to light that Mr Raju was not only physically abusive but also coerced Ms Raviz into handing over her entire salary to him. To add to her woes, Mr Raju was allegedly involved in several extramarital affairs, all of which Ms Raviz was painfully aware of.


The situation took a darker turn when Ms Raviz contemplated secretly fleeing to the Philippines.

Upon discovering her intentions, Mr Raju issued a chilling threat: he would end her life if she dared to leave him.

Despite her employers alerting Mr Raju’s workplace about his actions, he remained undeterred in his sinister pursuits.

The Fateful Day

On 2 September 2018, the couple met at Pasir Ris Interchange around 9:00 am and spent the day together.

Later that afternoon, their EZ-link card records showed them boarding a bus to Tampines Road.

By 4:17 pm, Mr Raju alighted at a bus stop on Tampines Road near Defu Lane 2. He then hailed a taxi from Defu Lane 1, heading to his dormitory near Jurong River around 5:00 pm.

In a hasty move that night, he purchased a flight ticket to Bangladesh, departing at 5:30 am, leaving his job and responsibilities behind without any notice.

Three days post Mr Raju’s abrupt departure, a grim discovery was made.

Ms Raviz’s lifeless body lay concealed just five metres off the main walkway of Tampines Road, hidden amidst dense vegetation.

The cause of death, as stated by the State Coroner, was a “compressive neck injury,” suggesting strangulation.


The Pursuit of Justice

In the wake of this tragedy, an Interpol Red Notice has been issued for Mr Raju’s arrest. This was found by a reporter from Zaobao.

As per Interpol’s official website, a Red Notice serves as a global alert to law enforcement agencies, urging them to locate and provisionally detain an individual pending extradition or similar legal proceedings.

This means Mr Raju is now a wanted man in Bangladesh, and the country can exercise its legal rights to apprehend him.

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