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Han Feizi is Now Permanently Banned from Working in S’pore & Could’ve Faced 2 Years’ Jail


Han Feizi’s Controversial Saga: Employment Ban and Traffic Incident Investigation

If you’ve been keeping up with recent news, you’d undoubtedly be familiar with Han Feizi.

This woman has become the talk of the town after her confrontational behavior, especially given the secrets she was trying to hide. She has been sentenced to five weeks and five days in jail and has been fined $600.

A significant portion of her sentence stems from her working undercover as a hostess, a stark contrast to the clerk position she had initially applied for.

For a more detailed account, you can watch the following video:

But what lies ahead for Han Feizi once she’s released from prison?

Han Feizi Faces Employment Ban in Singapore

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has announced that the work pass of 29-year-old Chinese national, Han Feizi, will be revoked due to her recent admission of guilt in court. This revocation also means she will be permanently banned from seeking employment in Singapore.

Han was slapped with two charges. The first was related to her providing false information during her work pass application, and the second pertained to her illegal self-employment activities in Singapore.

For these offences, she has been handed a three-week jail sentence. It’s worth noting that foreign individuals are prohibited from engaging in self-employment without an appropriate work pass. Those with work passes are mandated to work only in the role specified on their pass and for the employer listed.

It’s imperative for all applicants to be honest and transparent during the application process. The authorities have stressed that providing false information is a serious crime. Those found guilty could face fines up to $20,000, a jail term of up to two years, or both.

Moreover, they might also be barred from working in Singapore in the future.

So yes, Han was actually lucky to get just three weeks’ jail.


Police Investigate Traffic Incident

The entire controversy began when Han recorded herself behaving uncooperatively at the Singapore General Hospital following a traffic accident.

She alleged that she was deliberately struck by a private-hire vehicle and was left unattended on the road for about 20 minutes.

She also claimed that the driver failed to assist her and that she had sought $5,000 in compensation from the driver.

he police have since confirmed that they are looking into the incident.

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