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HomenewsFriends Actor Matthew Perry Dies at 54 in His Home’s Hot Tub

Friends Actor Matthew Perry Dies at 54 in His Home’s Hot Tub


If you grew up watching American television shows or sitcoms, the chances are you watched Friends.

Even if you didn’t personally follow the show, you must have heard of it in some form or capacity.

An actor who played one of the main characters in the show has passed away.

He was Matthew Perry, acting as Chandler Bing in the iconic American sitcom.

Perry was 54 years old when he passed away in a hot tub.

Here is more about Perry’s death and his struggles in life.

Friends Actor Matthew Perry Found Dead in Hot Tub

Friends was a beloved American show which captured the hearts of many both domestically and abroad.

Unfortunately, Mathew Perry, who acted as Chandler Bing, would no longer be around to witness his legacy in the show.

He died on Saturday (Los Angeles time) in a hot tub located in his Los Angeles home.

Perry had drowned in the hot tub.

According to CNN Entertainment, who quoted a law enforcement source whom it spoke to, no foul play is currently suspected.


Of course, investigations continue to take place to uncover the truth behind Perry’s death.

Perry was reportedly found by his assistant. How grim.

He Had Struggles With Alcohol and Opioids

We all know that the entertainment industry is a tough one, and many famous people fall prey to tough times.

They may turn to alcohol or drugs to seek solace from the pressures of their newfound fame and adoring fans.

Perry was no exception.

His memoir from 2022, titled “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir”, gave fans a look into his opioid abuse and addiction.

Perry said that his opioid abuse resulted in his colon rupturing when he was just 49 years old.

He had a 2% chance of surviving the health problem and was in a coma for two weeks.

Up to 14 surgeries were required for the actor to repair the abdominal damage sustained.

Perry was also struggling with addiction while alive, including going to rehab over 15 times to help him kick his drug dependence.


In an interview with CBC last year, Perry said that he was not able to watch himself on the iconic show as he could see himself wasting away due to the drugs each season.

Just watching how he looked in the season told him all he needed to know about whether he was addicted to alcohol, opiates or cocaine at that time.

Rest in peace, Perry.

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