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Largest ActiveSG Gym Opens in Sembawang With New Machines That Use Air Pressure Instead of Weights


For many folks, the happiest moments in life are typically associated with milestones like the birth of their first child, wedding day, or graduation day.

However, for the dedicated gym enthusiasts, also known as gym bros, their ultimate source of joy often comes when a new gym opens up in their vicinity.

That’s precisely why Singapore is consistently expanding its gym landscape, both in the private and public sectors, in response to the rising demand from health-conscious individuals and fitness freaks.

And if you assume it’s just another regular ActiveSG gym opening, you’re in for a surprise.

Not only is it the largest ActiveSG gym to date, but it also boasts an unconventional approach to strength training. 

Largest ActiveSG Gym Opens in Sembawang 

On 29 October 2023, Singapore opened its largest ActiveSG gym to the public, situated in the heart of Bukit Canberra. 

Spanning an expansive 1,500 square metres, this facility boasts not only an impressive gym but also houses two vibrant dance studios, marking the culmination of the new ActiveSG Sports Centre @ Bukit Canberra.

The gym had already welcomed four swimming pools earlier in October. 

For the residents residing in the north, this gym’s location couldn’t be more convenient, and it undoubtedly made people excited to have such an impressive fitness hub in their neighbourhood.

The Minister for Health and Member of Parliament for Sembawang GRC, Ong Ye Kung, graced the gym’s opening ceremony, and he was joined by an enthusiastic gathering of over 200 residents. 

He also enthusiastically participated in a workout session and a Piloxing class alongside the residents.


When our very own minister actively engages in these fitness activities, it is a powerful inspiration for all Singaporeans to follow suit and prioritise their well-being.

ActiveSG Gym Uses Air Pressure Instead of Traditional Weights

Now, what sets this gym apart is its standout features.

One of the unique attributes is the inclusion of HUR machines. 

These machines employ air pressure instead of traditional weights, making workouts not only more efficient but also safer for individuals with diverse physical abilities.

It ensures everyone, including seniors, can engage in effective exercise routines.

Adjacent to the gym, two vibrant dance studios promise a wide range of accessible and budget-friendly learn-to-play programmes. 

Whether it’s piloxing, a dynamic fusion of pilates, boxing, and dance, or more serene practices like yoga and energetic Zumba sessions, there’s something for everyone.

So, even if you’re not a hardcore gym enthusiast, you have plenty of options to jumpstart your journey to better health. These programmes are set to open for bookings in November.

All Singaporeans Aged 65 and above Have Free Access to ActiveSG Facilities

In alignment with Singapore’s commitment to promoting active ageing, all Singaporeans aged 65 and above will continue to enjoy complimentary access to ActiveSG gyms and swimming pools. 

This inclusive policy extends to the recently opened facilities at Bukit Canberra.


This special access isn’t limited to just one location; it applies across the board to all ActiveSG gyms and swimming pools.

The ActiveSG Sports Centre @ Bukit Canberra falls within the framework of the Sports Facilities Master Plan, a comprehensive initiative designed to introduce more innovative, accessible, inclusive, and relevant sports facilities to cater to the needs of all Singaporeans.

Furthermore, this plan has a broader aim. It aims to enhance accessibility to sporting facilities by ensuring they are within a convenient 10-minute walk from residential areas by 2030.

The inauguration of a public gym in the heart of Sembawang marks a significant step forward in making sure that Singaporeans have abundant opportunities and facilities at their disposal to pursue and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

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