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Woman Becomes Confrontational After Being Warned About Putting Her Feet Up in SBS Bus


Singapore has one of the better public transport systems in Singapore. We have fast and efficient buses and trains.

Everything is clean and there is no stench of excretion lingering in our buses and trains.

However, some inconsiderate people can tarnish the pleasantness of taking public transport in Singapore.

One woman, with her presumably stinky feet and socks, is contributing to the ungracious culture that makes taking public transport a pain.

She put her feet up on the seats in front of her, and on the poles in the bus.

And this is not a one-off incident.

Here is more about one suss woman who has no regard or respect for the company of those around her in the bus.

Woman Caught Confronting SBS Bus Driver Who Told Her to Put Her Feet Down From the Seats

Earlier this week, a video showing a woman getting confrontational with an SBS bus driver for putting her feet up on the seat in front of her made rounds on social media.

The video, posted on Instagram via the account @singaporeincidents, shows an SBS bus driver approaching a woman seated at the back of the bus.

Based on the orientation of the seats, it looks to be a double-decker bus with the last two rows of seats facing each other (instead of facing the same direction).


The bus driver points to the woman’s feet (clad in socks and happily resting on the seat before her), asking if that is “right”.

The woman also has a lot of barang barang with her, with some bags and what looks like a rolled-up poster.

She then took offence to the bus driver’s comment, putting her feet down and pulling off her sunglasses to reveal a pair of spectacles underneath it.

The woman loudly and rudely disputed what the bus driver said, with her body language aggressive and confrontational.

In an act of defiance, she then proceeded to lean back and rest her feet on the grab poles of the bus.

Her feet were squarely near the bell people pressed to indicate that they wanted to alight.

She Has Displayed Similar Behaviour Previously

While we had hoped that this was a one-off incident where the woman wanted desperately to elevate her legs (and couldn’t wait till she got home), it seems like she does this quite often.

The woman previously had the police called on her when she placed her legs on the window ledge of a bus.

She was also Stomp-ed for putting her feet up again on another bus. The modus operandi was still feet with socks propped up somewhere it should not be propped up on.

What would you do if you saw her in real life?


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