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HomenewsBoy Climbed Up ‘Watermelon Slice’ at Tampines Playground & Got ‘Stuck’ There

Boy Climbed Up ‘Watermelon Slice’ at Tampines Playground & Got ‘Stuck’ There


If there’s one thing to know about Singaporeans, it’s that playing at the playgrounds near Housing Development Board (HDB) blocks is a vital part of everyone’s childhood and that pretty much anyone knows how to play at a playground.

Well… Maybe not this boy.

Recently, a video of a boy climbing a “watermelon slice” at the playground beside Block 858 Tampines Avenue 5 went viral.

But not because he was having a whale of a time or because he ate the watermelon.

It was because he simply couldn’t get down.

The video, uploaded on @singapore_incidents, showed the young boy sprawled across the structure’s tip at the very top.

In the video, it was observed that the structure, which requires climbers to scale it at a 45-degree angle, has footholds in the form of holes, which are the “seeds” of the watermelon.

Adult Tried to Use Bamboo Stick to Help the Boy Down

In the 7-second clip, a woman was also seen walking over with a bamboo pole to try and help get the boy down the structure.

And no, it did not work (at least for as long as the video went on), because, unlike laundry, a human being can’t exactly hang onto a pole like that.

Netizens who watched the video also commented on the bizarre method to try and get the boy down from the structure, with one Instagram user commenting, “She thinks she is trying to get an insect on the wall or what?? What’s with the stick?”

Another man was also seen trying to direct the woman and the child to try and help the boy get down from the structure.


Children Can Usually Get Up and Down the “Watermelon Slice” With Ease

As for whether this happens often, it seems like this might (thankfully) be an isolated incident.

When reporters from Shin Min Daily News visited the playground on Wednesday (21 December), they noticed multiple holes for climbers to hold onto when climbing the structure.

Additionally, even though the structure is around three metres tall, the material of the structure is rough, which offers more grip for climbers.

When speaking to residents in the area, a lady named Mrs Lin (Hanyu pinyin) shared that these structures have been around for approximately 20 years and that she sees many people climb them successfully.

Additionally, no one has suffered severe injuries from climbing the structure since the area is cushioned with soft flooring.

She added that climbers usually slide down the structure after climbing it, and some can even climb up the mangosteen-shaped structure nearby.

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Featured Image: Instagram (@singapore_incidents) + Google Maps

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