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How NTUC Can Help You With Your Job With the #EveryWorkerMatters Conversations

While all of us may understand the meaning of the word “work”, it’s pretty clear that the role of work in our lives has changed substantially over the years.

In particular, some of us may have different needs and requirements now regarding work, especially with the ever-changing job industry.

With that in mind, NTUC rolled out the #EveryWorkerMatters Conversations earlier this year in August, with the conversations focusing on understanding the needs and concerns of workers from various backgrounds and jobs.

This is so that NTUC can aid these workers in coming up with solutions for any problems they are facing in their jobs, making work a more pleasant experience for all.

And no, I don’t think the absence of bean bags, free-flow ice cream or atas + IG-worthy bonding sessions in your office is a concern that NTUC will be able to help you solve, but any other (valid) issues will be addressed by the conversations when you bring them up.

Common Issues in the Workplace and How the #EveryWorkerMatters Conversations Will Help Tackle Them

During the initial launch of the #EveryWorkerMatters conversations, NTUC Secretary General Ng Chee Meng also addressed workers in a video which explained that the economy might be an aspect of life that stresses people out, but that’s what the campaign is here for.

Additionally, with the uncertain state of the economy in recent months (or years), you’ll be glad to know that Singapore is still doing considerably well amidst all the volatility.

Despite that, it is also essential to acknowledge the change that has occurred across our society and even the world. As such, we must ensure that we can keep up with the times to remain relevant.

As Mr Ng mentioned, Singapore has enjoyed approximately 60 years of strong and stable economic growth.

However, factors such as rapid advancements in technology and the continued tensions over foreign human resources in an open and globally connected economy have begun to change the way we do our jobs nowadays entirely.

Besides that, issues such as job volatility, displacement of jobs and skills becoming obsolete are also genuine aspects of working life that we need to tackle together as a society.

Additionally, other worries, such as the rise in caregiving due to Singapore’s ageing population and fall in family sizes, as well as the need to ensure that you land a job with good prospects (for reasons other than your relatives judging you during CNY) are relevant to most of us now as well.

With these issues in mind, NTUC hopes to “refresh and strengthen [their] compact with workers, and find ways to meet their needs and challenges” through understanding workers’ “concerns, priorities and aspirations”.

They also intend to engage other parties, such as employers and policymakers, to improve the job scene in Singapore further.

But how, you ask.

#EveryWorkerMatters Conversations: Three Phases of the Campaign

With that, the conversations will be broadly split into three different phases, each with a unique purpose and way of engaging workers from all socio-economic classes.

Firstly, the first phase is currently ongoing and will conclude in 2022 (i.e. in two weeks!). NTUC has conducted surveys, roadshows, dialogues and focus group discussions, where members of the public are encouraged to express their opinions on NTUC’s compact and other job-related concerns that they may have!

The second phase will begin next year and comprise various policy workshops held by NTUC to help formulate solutions to improve the workers compact in Singapore. Stakeholders involved in this stage include NTUC’s tripartite partners, institutions of higher learning, HR practitioners, and other relevant organisations.

As for the third phase, NTUC will issue recommendations to resolve career-related concerns based on the information they have gathered in the first two phases. In this phase, NTUC will collaborate with government policymakers and fourth-generation leaders from the People’s Action Party (PAP) through Forward Singapore. Yes, you have a voice and a big part to play in this! Share your thoughts here?

For now, NTUC has declared that they intend to engage at least 20,000 workers in Singapore and are looking to surpass that target as they continue to advocate for better wages, welfare, and work prospects for local workers.

NTUC will also announce any upcoming events on the #EveryWorkerMatters Conversations website, so check it out to ensure that you’re not missing out on any chances to help your career! On 10 and 11 Jan 2023, spot the #EveryWorkerMatters Conversations Roving Booth at CapitaSpring!  The full list of activities can be found here.

Youths’ Role in #EveryWorkerMatters Conversations

Some may say that no one is ever too young to make a difference, and that’s definitely the case for the #EveryWorkerMatters Conversations.

As youths enter working life, the NTUC Youth Taskforce, established in July this year, is keen on learning what these young people want to achieve in their careers.

In particular, they are looking to enlist the opinions of 10,000 youths to gain a better understanding of their work-life aspirations.

So even if you belong to the TikTok generation, you’re part of this conversation, too.

How PMEs Will Benefit from #EveryWorkerCounts

And the concern for workers doesn’t just stop when they are promoted to higher-ranking titles.

For the Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) in Singapore, NTUC has also pledged to aid them by ensuring that they are securely protected in their jobs and are well-trained to perform their responsibilities.

Similar to the youths, the conversations aim to interact with around 10,000 PMEs to better empathise with their job scopes and other considerations they may have regarding their careers.

Apart from that, NTUC is also looking to improve the unemployment support provided to involuntarily displaced PMEs.

Yes, Even Self-Employed Singaporeans Will be Covered

See, I told you that the conversations cover a wide variety of worker groups.

The unpredictable nature of the gig industry may mean that self-employed individuals might face more instability and vulnerability in their jobs.

Hence, to ensure that those self-employed in Singapore continue to progress in their careers, NTUC is currently reaching out to them through the Advisory Committee on Platform Workers.

In particular, areas of improvement that have been brought up include enhanced representation, retirement and housing adequacy, and greater protection against workplace injuries for workers.

As for the progress that the committee has made, the government accepted the committee’s recommendations to allow platform workers to receive the same amount of Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions as typical employees just last month.

Not sure if everyone’s happy about that, but at least everyone’s now protected.

How to be a Part of the #EveryWorkerMatters Conversations

And because every worker matters (literally) in Singapore, NTUC’s ready to hear any opinions related to your career and concerns if you have any.

To get in touch and allow NTUC to help build a Singapore that’s better catered to you and your career, fill in their survey here.

This article was first published on Goody Feed and written in collaboration with NTUC.

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