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Taiwanese YouTuber Living in S'pore Relates How a S'porean Asks for $1.50 Back During a Date


If you’ve ever dipped your toes into the dating app pool or attempted to meet someone for a rendezvous, you probably know what the dating market is like in Singapore.

Those initial dates can get awkward, with both parties getting to know each other through the encounter. 

But the real awkwardness begins when it’s time to end the date or split the bill.

Especially for the ladies, there’s that heart-fluttering moment when you see that your date reaches out for the check and initiates to pay for the date, making you think he’s the classic provider type. 

That is until he casually suggests splitting the bill via PayNow, leaving you surprised.

This scenario should resonate with many folks, and it’s not limited to locals. 

Even a Taiwanese YouTuber living in Singapore can relate to this experience.

Taiwanese Food YouTuber Alison Wu Recalls Paying $1.50 for a Teh Peng

In the most recent episode of HeyKaki’s podcast, a group of expats living in Singapore were invited to have an open discussion about their dating encounters with Singaporean men.

Disclaimer: If you’re a Singaporean man and plan to listen to this podcast, brace yourself because some candid opinions are coming your way and may trigger you.

In the 13-minute video podcast, these foreign women delve into their dating experiences with local men, and, well, the majority of their stories lean toward the negative side.

One particular experience came from Alison Wu, a Taiwanese food YouTuber, who shared her memorable incident from a date at a coffee shop.


Upon initially hearing about a coffee shop date, it might give the impression of a relaxed outing, where food prices tend to be reasonable, in contrast to a fancy restaurant.

However, if you assumed that her date would foot the bill, you’d be mistaken.

Alison had ordered a teh peng for $1.50. She was in a rather unexpected situation when her date asked her to pay him back for the drink she had ordered at the coffee shop.

“I felt he was very petty, I was shocked at how petty he was,” Alison candidly recounted during the podcast.

She explained, “And then, after he ordered, he asked me to pay him back, ‘Eh, remember to give me the $1.50’.”

In response, Alison handed him a $2 note and told him to keep the change, a gesture he accepted happily. 

However, that happiness didn’t translate into a lasting connection, as Alison never went on another date with him.

Podcast Guest Had a Similar Bad Experience 

Another podcast guest, Tiffany Zhang from China, encountered a similar incident during her date with a local man.

While at a cafe with her date, she decided to enhance her latte by requesting oat milk.

“Then he questioned, ‘Are you sure? It’s extra,’ and I replied, ‘Yes, it’s okay,’” Tiffany recounted.


After the date, Tiffany proposed splitting the bill, as she felt that her date seemed petty.

However, their perspectives on splitting the bill diverged significantly.

“His interpretation was that my latte was $1 more, so I had to pay him $1 more,” Tiffany explained.

Netizens Respond to Criticism of Singaporean Men

A short snippet from the video podcast was shared on HeyKaki’s TikTok account, and it has stirred reactions from netizens regarding the unfavourable dating experiences in Singapore and the comments directed towards local men.

One user expressed, “I agree, Singaporean guys a bit calculative. It’s like it’s the end of the world.”

Another user suggested a broader consensus, by saying, “99% are like that.”


Nevertheless, some users took a different perspective, suggesting that these behaviours might be rooted in a lack of romantic interest rather than just being calculative.

“I did that to a girl I don’t ever want to meet again too,” one user admitted, shedding light on the possibility that these actions might be influenced by a desire to avoid future encounters rather than merely being calculative.

Podcast Discusses Differences in Dating Guys From Taiwan, China and Singapore

Besides recounting their less-than-ideal dating experiences in Singapore, Alison and Tiffany also delved into the dating scenes in Taiwan and China.

Alison mentioned that men in Taiwan tend to be more “generous and traditional,” believing they should be the ones to cover the expenses on a date. 

Tiffany shared a similar sentiment regarding men in China, highlighting their traditional perspective on dating expenses. 


Both women also noted that women from Taiwan and China often have certain expectations, including the idea that men should come with a “package” that includes a house and a car.

Another Foreign Woman Said It’s Difficult to Find “Independent” Men in Singapore

While Tiffany and Alison have both found themselves in relationships with Singaporean men, it’s worth noting that not all women have the most favourable opinions about our local gentlemen.

If you’re an avid TikTok user who enjoys local content, you might have come across an “ang moh” who has mastered Singlish so convincingly that you could easily close your eyes and imagine a Singaporean speaking to you. 

This individual is none other than Daisy Anne, originally from the United Kingdom but has called Singapore home for the past two decades.

In an interview with Russian YouTuber Max Chernov, Daisy Anne candidly shared insights into her dating life, revealing that she has encountered challenges in her quest to find “independent” men within the local dating scene.

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