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SIT Student Tries to Backflip During Graduation But Landed Flat on His Face Instead


We’ve seen it all—from people making TikTok transitions during their graduation ceremonies, to, now, people trying to backflip.

A fresh Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) graduate attempted to do a backflip during his graduation ceremony. However, things took a turn (pun intended), and he landed flat on his face instead.


SIT Student Attempts to Backflip During Graduation Ceremony

On Thursday (12 October), a video surfaced on the subreddit r/SingaporeRaw that caught the eye of many Singaporeans.

It was a video of an SIT student attempting a backflip on stage after receiving his certificate during his graduation ceremony.

The 13-second clip first showed the student receiving his Bachelor of Science degree with an Honours in Physiotherapy from the Presiding Officer.

He smiled for the cameras, then decided to do something else, presumably to put a smile on everyone else’s faces too—a backflip.

However, as we all know, while the idea might be there, execution might not necessarily be flawless.

The graduate stopped, lowered himself a little, heard the crowd cheer for him, and then leapt backwards to attempt a backflip.

Notice that we said attempt. He failed and landed squarely on his face instead.

Ah… A for effort, I guess. That’s one way to make a joke that lands. 


At least he has an honours in physiotherapy—perhaps he’ll be able to treat himself if he suffers any pains the days after. Regardless, the only pain he’s suffering right now is probably just embarrassment.

Hopefully, he didn’t have to graduate to the hospital after this.

Anyway, the SIT graduate stood up immediately, picked up his items, and retrieved his mortarboard from the Presiding Officer.

Hats off to him lah. 

He then walked off the stage with the most paiseh look you’ve ever seen.

Imagine booking a physiotherapy appointment and seeing “the guy who backflipped and fell on stage” as your physiotherapist.

This stunt has attracted mixed views from netizens—some chiding the graduate for attempting such xia suay things on stage, while others applauded him for the attempt.

So, what do you think about this SIT graduate’s failed stunt?

Graduation Ceremony Stunts

Singapore has seen our fair share of graduation ceremony stunts, some more successful than others.

In August, we saw a graduate from the Singapore Management University drop her mortarboard multiple times while on stage.


Her hair was too smooth lah. 


Well, that’s one way to graduate, I suppose.

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