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TikToker Thought He Was in Water Slide With Girlfriend But Found a Lifeguard Instead


Man’s Dream Water Slide Ride in Penang with Girlfriend Takes Unexpected Turn

Dreaming of a perfect holiday getaway, content creator Zachary Chiah anticipated an ideal trip to Penang, envisioning romantic rides at one of Malaysia’s top theme parks with his girlfriend.

Little did he know his trip would become unforgettable for an entirely different reason.

Zachary’s Surprise 3-Minute Ride

A student of INTI International College Penang, Zachary is also a rising star on TikTok, with a follower count exceeding 600,000.

His content often revolves around acts of kindness and social experiments, earning him partnerships with major brands like AirAsia and Quicksilver.

However, a recent vlog from Escape Theme Park in Penang brought him unprecedented attention—almost six million views, to be exact.

The reason? An unexpected prank by a lifeguard.

In the video, Zachary is seen preparing to enjoy the world’s longest water slide, as recorded by Guinness World Records: a thrilling experience that lasts three minutes.

Just as he readies his selfie stick to document the ride, the slide suddenly starts.

And to his astonishment, when he finally checks his phone’s front camera, it’s not his girlfriend seated behind him but a strong, muscular lifeguard, who looks just as surprised.

Confused, Zachary asks, “My baby leh?

The lifeguard gestures upwards, saying, “There.”


The video amusingly captures his girlfriend’s puzzled expression, left behind from what was meant to be a scenic 3-minute slide through Penang’s lush hills.

You can watch the full video here:

A Genuine Mishap or Mischief?

The video clearly shows the lifeguard unintentionally hopping onto the tube with Zachary, struggling to find a proper seat as the ride takes off.

Midway, as the pair laugh about their unexpected pairing, Zachary asks why the lifeguard joined him.

The lifeguard jestingly responds, “Jatuh, jatuh” – Malay for “Fell down.”

Though the entire scenario seemed playful, Zachary later revealed in an interview with SAYS that it was all in good fun. The two even shared a friendly handshake after the slide, confirming the prank.

Despite the unforeseen twist, Zachary and the lifeguard enjoyed getting to know each other during their thrilling descent.

Audiences Find Humor in the Unexpected

Zachary posed a question alongside his video post: “U think this lifeguard play prank on me or what?”

Rather than debating its authenticity, most viewers found the entire situation hilarious, including comments from Escape Penang’s official account.


“It’s easy for men to become friends. Not sure for women though.”

Some playfully commented on the unexpected change of companionship, noting how different the video might’ve been had his girlfriend taken the front seat.

But don’t worry, in the end, the girlfriend definitely took her front seat: with the correct boyfriend sitting behind.

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