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HomenewsMan in 15-Hour Flight Slept on the Floor in Economy Class

Man in 15-Hour Flight Slept on the Floor in Economy Class


Innovative Dad Sleeps on Airplane Floor for Daughter’s Comfort During Long-Haul Flight

Traveling for 15 hours on long-haul flights can be daunting, especially in economy class where space is a luxury.

The challenge of limited mobility can lead to a restless journey, potentially resulting in severe jet lag once you reach your destination.

Is this a familiar scenario for you?

If you’ve been struggling to find a comfortable solution for these lengthy trips, take a cue from a famous TikToker’s Asian father.

The Strategy: Creating Space Where There’s None

When the confines of your seat aren’t enough, why not improvise?

For some, this means daring to sleep on the floor.

Natalie Bright, a popular TikTok personality boasting over 142,000 followers, recently shared a video capturing her father napping on the airplane’s floor.

They were en route from New York, possibly headed to South Korea.

With her playful caption, “You have your Airport dad, I have my Asian dad,” the video quickly went viral, amassing nearly nine million views as of October 30th.

Many applauded the father’s inventive approach, noting it provided “more room for everybody”.

Here’s the video:


A Trendsetting Act of Love

The footage reveals another heartwarming detail: the person filming was comfortably stretched across all three seats in the same row.

It becomes clear that the Asian father sacrificed his own comfort to ensure his daughter’s well-being.

In celebrating his thoughtful act, Natalie drew the attention of close to 10 million viewers.

However, while many acknowledged the father’s affectionate gesture, others expressed concern over the hygienic implications of such a choice.

Hygiene Concerns and Safety Risks: The Debate Over Floor Sleeping on Flights

Many comments on the video highlighted the potential uncleanliness of airplane floors.

Some TikTokers, identifying as flight attendants, revealed that airplane floors typically aren’t cleaned between flights.

According to the Sheffield School of Aeronautics, in-depth cleaning usually takes place only once a month.

They further highlighted that carpets are “rarely vacuumed” and pointed out the risks associated with not being secured by a seatbelt, especially during turbulence.

However, given that the father wasn’t reprimanded for his choice, it’s possible the flight attendants were cognizant and tolerant of his actions.

Interestingly, this isn’t an isolated incident.


Earlier in July, another TikToker, Marthe Friden, shared a video of her boyfriend adopting a similar approach, allowing her the comfort of an entire row of seats.

Her video came with the cheeky recommendation: “get yourself a man who sleeps on the floor so you can have the whole row.”

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