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There's a $6,000 a Night Confinement Centre in Sentosa for New Mums


The age-old tradition of confinement is a topic that mothers-to-be are excited about.

The confinement period is necessary for mothers to recuperate and replenish themselves after delivery.

Postpartum, however, also brings a period of changing diapers, sleepless nights, and consuming nutritious foods.

But wait, is it all cosy or a crash course in parenting survival? 

Well, that’s precisely why Singapore is booming with a surge in the establishment of new confinement centres. 

According to TODAY, there are now at least 15 postpartum confinement centres in Singapore, a remarkable increase compared to 10 to 15 years ago.

Now, you can add another one to the growing list — a new confinement centre in Sentosa will soon open for new mothers. However, it does come with a substantial price tag.

Confinement Centre in Sentosa Costs Up to $6,000 a Night

You heard it: There’s a brand-new luxury resort-style confinement centre, and it comes with a staggering price tag of up to $6,000 per night.

To put things in perspective, that amount exceeds the average monthly wage in Singapore, which was reported to be approximately $5,783 in January 2023.

This luxury establishment is set to welcome new mothers in Singapore starting December 2023. 

Nestled within Capella Singapore on Sentosa Island, Bella Villa Maternity and Baby Care Centre celebrated its launch on 17 October.


Saint Bella, established in 2017, currently operates approximately 50 centres in China and Hong Kong. It specialises in partnering with upscale hotels to provide women with opulent spaces and experiences for their postpartum recovery.

This opening will represent the first international branch of Saint Bella, a maternity care company based in Hangzhou, China.

Packages and Services Available at Bella Villa Maternity and Baby Care Centre

Bella Villa offers a range of packages to suit various preferences and needs. 

Prices start at $68,800 for a 28-day stay and can reach up to $328,800 for a 56-day confinement period.

For those seeking the utmost luxury during their 28-day confinement, the most luxurious package costs a whopping $168,800, which is roughly $6,029 per day.

The accommodations at Bella Villa vary in size, ranging from 170 sqm for a two-bedroom apartment to 524 sqm for the Capella Manor.

To put this in perspective, a regular night’s stay at the Capella Manor alone typically comes with a price tag of around $17,000.

Now, you might be wondering why postpartum confinement centres like Bella Villa are gaining popularity.

Expectant mothers who choose Bella Villa for their confinement experience can anticipate receiving exclusive round-the-clock care provided by a skilled nursing team. In addition, a doctor and a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner are available on-site for consultations.

The services include postpartum body assessments, stretch mark evaluations, and personalised one-on-one yoga classes.


Furthermore, depending on the selected package, two to three family members can accompany the mother and baby during the confinement period.

To ensure nourishment during this crucial period, Bella Villa provides six daily meals and snacks thoughtfully crafted by the hotel’s executive chef, Eric Neo, in collaboration with a nutritionist.

Interest from Singaporean and International Visitors

Lillian Tseng, the Director of Global Expansion for Saint Bella and the parent company PrimeCare International, based in Singapore, highlighted that Bella Villa appeals because of its “luxury resort” vibe, as reported by The Straits Times.

Tseng said there has been an overwhelming interest, particularly from Chinese residents who live in Singapore and are already acquainted with the brand’s reputation in China.

In addition to the strong interest from the local Chinese community, there have been inquiries from several Singaporean individuals. 

Tseng anticipates that there may also be growing interest from Indonesian clients as well.


Other Premium Confinement Centres in Singapore

While spending up to $6,000 per night may seem like a significant investment in maternal care, you might be surprised to learn that there are several other premium confinement centres in Singapore where the cost reaches five figures for a month-long stay.

For example, a lavish two-bedroom suite at Shangri-La Apartments on Anderson Road commands a price of approximately $23,800 for a 28-day stay.

According to TODAY, these centres offer personalised attention from a team of experts specialising in confinement care for mothers. At the same time, the infants receive continuous care from either nurses or dedicated confinement nannies.

Mothers choosing these upscale centres can also anticipate pampering services like daily herbal baths, foot spas, hair washes, soothing head and shoulder massages, and postnatal massages.

In addition to such indulgent services, these centres provide an array of activities beyond what most mothers experience at home. 


These include postnatal yoga sessions, engaging handicraft workshops, and wound care treatments, making the confinement experience truly unique and enriching.

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