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Lauv Suddenly Cancels Sold-Out Concerts in Malaysia, Citing “Unforeseen Circumstances”


2023 is the year of concerts. With relaxed COVID-19 travel restrictions, well-known singers and bands are once again performing across different countries.

Unfortunately, for Malaysia, it seems like 2023 isn’t just a year of concerts.

It’s may be a year of cancelled concerts as well.

Lauv Suddenly Cancels Sold-Out Concerts in Malaysia, Citing “Unforeseen Circumstances”

Lauv is a beloved American singer-songwriter who earlier announced his “The Between Albums Tour” in Asia.

Stops include Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and more.

He was originally supposed to perform for one day at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) on 7 Sep 2023 but added one more day due to overwhelming demand.

Tickets to his performances for both days were sold out.

The sold out concerts, however, were later cancelled.

This was reflected on the Live Nation Malaysia’s website

And emails sent to ticket holders.


According to the email, the reason for the cancellation was “unforeseen circumstances”.

Full refunds will be made to ticket holders automatically, excluding ticket fee and booking charges.

Speculations About “Unforeseen Circumstances”

Fans were, of course, unhappy, and some asked the parties involved for a proper explanation

While not much is known about the reason behind the sudden cancellation, fans alluded it to Lauv’s recent confession to being bisexual.

A female fan was happy to see Lauv come out of the closet but was worried if it’ll affect his upcoming performance in Malaysia.


1975 Matty Healy Controversy

Another Twitter user speculated that this could be linked to the 1975 controversial performance at the Malaysia Good Vibes festival.

The band’s frontman, Matty Healy, gave a speech criticising the Malaysian government for its anti-LGBT laws.

He said that he could not understand the Malaysian authorities’ rationale behind “inviting The 1975 to a country and telling [them] who [they] can have sex with”.

Healy even goes to the extent of calling the Malaysian government “retards”.


After he finished his speech, he kissed Ross MacDonald, the band’s male bassist.

The band was later banned from Malaysia and the entire festival was shut down by the Malaysian authorities.

Nonetheless, Healy Matty was unapologetic for his behaviour.

To understand the entire saga, you can watch the full video below:

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