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Veteran Actress Jin Yinji’s Husband Dies at 83 Years Old Due to Heart Attack


Veteran Actress Jin Yinji Mourns the Sudden Loss of Husband Anthony Lee at 83

Anthony Lee, the husband of veteran Mediacorp actress Jin Yinji, has passed away from a sudden heart attack at 83 years old. 

According to Lianhe Zaobao, reporters made a phone call to the actress to express their condolences. Throughout the call, sounds of Yinji’s sobbing could be heard, with reporters expressing how grief-stricken and inconsolable she sounded on the phone. 

After taking a while to compose herself, Jin Yinji shared with reporters that while her husband had been experiencing a loss of appetite, doctors at the hospital told her that the results of the check-up showed that nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary.

However, on the evening 10 October, her husband experienced a heart attack while eating alone in his hospital ward and passed away shortly after.

Jin Yinji expressed deep regret that she and her family were unable to see Anthony for the last time before bursting into tears.

She told reporters that her children are currently discussing funeral arrangements, with the wake most likely occurring on 14 October at Sin Ming road. 

Jin Yinji and Anthony Lee Previously Celebrated their Golden Anniversary, Signifying 50 Years of Marriage

On 27 January last year, Jin Yinji and Anthony Lee celebrated their Golden Anniversary. Since their marriage in 1972, the couple have spent 51 years together. 

In a special feature with Lianhe Zaobao, the two of them are seen reminiscing wonderful memories about their relationship with each other.

According to Jin Yinji, it was love-at-first-sight when she first met her husband, who just so happened to be her first love.

They recounted many escapades they had together, from Lee taking care of Yinji after a traumatic experience of being robbed while grabbing supper, to them weathering through a long-distance relationship due to various job commitments. 

Even though she teased him for not remembering the date of their anniversary or even her birthday, she expressed her love for him by patiently repeating questions from reporters during the special feature and even swooped in for a kiss when photos were taken of them.


Jin Yinji also shared that she wanted to celebrate the Golden Anniversary by having another lavish wedding with her husband to cement her vows.

However, Covid-19 restrictions disrupted her plans, though she was content spending her anniversary at home and taking family pictures alongside her husband. 

Even though tragic circumstances have separated the couple, Jin Yinji’s love for her husband remains strong.

To quote the memorable scene from Wandavision, “Because what is grief, if not love persevering?”

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