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HomenewsHan Feizi Was Reportedly Once Jailed in China for 40 Days

Han Feizi Was Reportedly Once Jailed in China for 40 Days


Han Feizi’s Past and Present: A Timeline of Controversies

As the Chinese proverb goes, paper cannot cover fire.

The burning truths behind 29-year-old Chinese clerk / hostess Han Feizi have now surfaced.


It turns out that she might’ve broken the law before…in her own country.

The Han Feizi Saga That Started Everything

After the allegedly self-exposed videos of Han Feizi’s abusive behaviour towards the staff in Singapore General Hospital and police officers, the young Chinese lady has been under the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

And now, Han Feizi’s wrongdoings are still unfolding as investigations continue to take place.

You can watch this video to know more about what happened:

Han Feizi was prosecuted for a total of eight charges comprising:

One count of being a public nuisanceTwo counts of using abusive language against a public servantTwo counts of voluntarily causing hurt to a security officerOne count of intentionally causing harassment, alarm or distressTwo counts under Employment of Foreign Manpower Act – making false declarations

And Han Feizi had pleaded guilty to five out of the eight charges above.

Wow, that’s a handful, isn’t it?

Sometimes we really need these kinds of news to have a taste of how strict the Singapore laws might be.


She has been sentenced to five weeks and five days in jail and has been fined $600.

But for her, it appears that this is not her first time getting a taste of the merciless law penalties.

Once Jailed in Beijing For Drunk-Driving

According to exclusive news received by a reporter from Zaobao, a Han Feizi born on the exact same time and day as the talk of the town today was jailed for 40 days for drunk driving.

It happened on 29 Dec 2018.

At the intersection of Gongti North Road and Changhong Qiao Auxiliary Road in Chaoyang, Beijing, Han Feizi was caught in a traffic accident.

According to the reports by local police, the alcohol level test report confirmed that the alcohol content in her blood was 89.8mg per 100ml.

That is 9.8mg higher than the acceptable level in accordance with the local law.

Han Feizi was sentenced to 40 days of detention and fined RMB2000 (approximately $374) for driving dangerously.

So unless there’s another 29-year-old Han Feizi who’s born on the exact same day, we should be talking about the same woman who’s now in prison.

Resilience or Nonchalance?

Merely two days post her release on 7 February 2019, Han Feizi shared a Douyin video, capturing a self-care spa day spent with her mother on 9 February 2019. Keen-eyed netizens also spotted her filming herself in what appeared to be a luxury Lamborghini.


Will history repeat itself with Han Feizi’s behavior? Only time will tell.

However, one undeniable fact remains: as she approaches her 30th birthday, this young woman has already experienced the stern hand of one of the globe’s most rigorous legal systems.

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