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Woman Who Opted for Quiet Ride in Grab Eventually Didn't Get a Quiet Ride


There are just some days when you don’t have the social battery to interact with others.

It can also be awkward to hop on a taxi ride for one person to enjoy chatting but the other doesn’t. That’s why the Grab quiet ride feature is helpful on such occasions.

The feature is so top-notch that a driver fulfilled a passenger’s request for minimal chatting, even when an argument took place during the ride.

Grab Driver Involved in an Argument with Another Driver

A passenger, also known as local influencer Xiao Qian, posted a video on TikTok on her encounter with a Grab driver.

She had booked a Grab ride and opted for a quiet ride as usual.

While her ride was initially going smoothly, her Grab driver did not stop where he was supposed to, almost hitting another driver and causing chaos.

Well, the other driver honked at them. Simply put: A road rage case was about to start.

Xiao Qian said it was okay for the other driver to honk at them, as it was her driver’s mistake for not checking his blind spots.

Well, she thought that was the end of it. 

That was until her driver abruptly halted their vehicle and rolled down the window in the middle of the road.


Quiet Ride Wasn’t So Quiet

The other driver started to yell and scold her driver for his “bad driving”.

The other driver also accused her driver of flashing his high beam at him. Still, Xiao Qian said she could not see if her driver did so as the confrontation happened during the day.

Her driver stepped out of the car, engaging in a heated verbal exchange and challenging the other driver. It was at this juncture that Xiao Qian decided to record the unfolding confrontation.

Speaking in Mandarin, the other driver yelled at the Grab driver, “Minor road and major road, do you know the difference? Your first day driving?

The other driver kept hurling more swear words at him before telling the Grab driver he should not drive.

“If you are going to drive until like this, don’t drive,” the other driver shouted before returning to his car.

Passenger Felt Traumatised

Speaking to Mothership, Xiao Qian said she was trying to remain calm, so she stayed silent and remained in the car.

When the other driver stared at her, she felt afraid and began recording in case the argument turned physical.

She waited for the Grab driver to address the situation, but the driver remained silent, perhaps given that she opted for a quiet ride.

Thus, the driver continued the ride without speaking about the confrontation.


Despite the confrontation, which left her feeling traumatised, Xiao Qian said that she would still opt for a quiet Grab ride in the future and hopes that such confrontations don’t always occur.

Reaction from Netizens

After the video was posted on TikTok, it has received over 200,000 views as of today (29 October), with many users commenting on the incident.

Many users commented, asking Xiao Qian if she was okay after the incident.

Some users took to the comments to commend the Grab driver’s professionalism as he maintained minimal interaction with the passenger who had opted for a quiet ride.

Meanwhile, a user also shared a different experience of her quiet ride, saying: “I once opted for a quiet ride back home from the airport because I was so tired after the long flight & yet the driver still talk non stop with me.”

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