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S'pore Now Has the First Woman Who Completed the Rigorous Ranger Course


If you’re an NSF, the number of pull-ups you can do in one go, the number of sit-ups you can do, and your timing for your 2.4km run are things you’d likely brag about with your friends.

Well, all of that doesn’t matter.

A female officer is bound to outdo you in this aspect, so save your bragging for another occasion.

First Woman to Complete the Rigorous Ranger Course

A significant milestone has been achieved in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) as Captain Yap Hui Jun has made history by becoming the first woman to complete the demanding 65-day Ranger course successfully. 

This remarkable accomplishment marks a pivotal moment in SAF’s history, and Captain Yap Hui Jun stands out as one of the programme’s newest graduates.

And here we are, with some of us unable to pass our IPPT.

What is the SAF Ranger Course?

The SAF Ranger course is held annually at Pasir Ris Camp since its inception in 1978, and is renowned as one of the most strenuous and demanding programmes within the SAF. 

This rigorous training regimen is designed to push participants to their limits, testing their physical strength and mental resilience. 

Ranger trainees undergo intense combat leadership training throughout the course, focusing on small-unit tactics.

It encompasses various skills, including advanced infantry tactics, survival techniques, navigation, and marksmanship. 

Graduates of this course are equipped to excel in reconnaissance and special operations roles, making them invaluable assets to the SAF. 


Participation in the SAF Ranger course is mandatory for regulars in Singapore’s commando battalions, while a limited number of slots are available for regulars from other formations. 

To offer a glimpse into the gruelling nature of the Ranger course, the SAF consistently releases videos that vividly illustrate the challenges trainees face.

Want to learn more? Check out this video from the 49th SAF Ranger course:

The footage showcases the rigorous journey undertaken by course graduates, including static line parachute jumps, rappelling exercises, a 20km combat march, and a comprehensive field exercise that incorporates a 5km casualty evacuation.

Chief of Army Celebrates Achievement

Major-General David Neo, the Chief of the Army, took to LinkedIn on Tuesday (17 October) to celebrate Captain Yap’s historic accomplishment. 

In his post, Major-General Neo stated, “Today is an extraordinary day for the Rangers! Let’s extend a warm welcome to our very first female Ranger in the illustrious 50-year history of the SAF Ranger course, Captain Yap Hui Jun! We take immense pride in her accomplishments.”

The badges adorning Captain Yap’s uniform are a tangible testament to her qualifications as a seasoned reconnaissance officer.

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