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FDW Put Dettol into Ribena for 2 Kids So As to Avoid Doing Work


In this day and age, it may be almost impossible to live without a foreign domestic worker helping around the house.

After all, busy parents not only have to juggle between taking care of their children and their own jobs, they also need to take care of themselves and their parents.

However, do you ever feel truly at ease when you leave the care of your loved ones to someone else who is a stranger to your family?

Some foreign domestic workers may not have the best interests of your family at heart.

One foreign domestic worker added Dettol, a household antiseptic liquid, into a family’s RIbena drink to try and get out of doing work.

Thankfully, there were no casualties from the spiked drink.

Here is more about what happened.

Foreign Domestic Worker Spiked Ribena With Dettol to Avoid Work

One foreign domestic worker from Indonesia wanted to avoid doing work and ended up cooking up a drink of Ribena and Dettol for the family she worked for.

This maid, who was also underage, claimed that she suffered from emotional abuse and was not given enough food while working.

The maid was only 18 years old when Singapore only accepts those aged 23 and up to work as a foreign domestic worker here.

This led her to devise the spiked drink, leaving it for three people to drink.


Out of the three people, two of them were children.

The maid had added some Dettol into the Ribena syrup and kept it in the cupboard, knowing that her employer would make the Ribena drink for those who visited her.

Indeed, the syrup was used to make drinks for a 32-year-old man and two children.

Two of the three complained of a chemical smell in the drink, which led to an investigation and the realisation that the syrup bottle had been tainted.

No Family Members Were Injured After Drinking the Spiked Drink

Thankfully, none of the people who drank the drink suffered any severe harm.

Even the two children, who were only 10 and 11 years old, were fine after drinking the spiked drink.

The maid had initially denied any involvement in spiking the drink.

However, the employer eventually called the police after finding the Dettol in the cupboard where the Ribena syrup was usually kept.

The maid was later arrested, charged and sentenced to four months of jail for performing a rash act which could hurt others.

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