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Blackie Chen’s Wife, Christine Fan, Cancelled Concert Due to Pressure from #MeToo Saga


With the #MeToo movement in Taiwan causing numerous celebrities to get exposed, there’s no doubt that these celebrities’ family members have also come under fire.

And one of these family members is Taiwanese singer Christine Fan, who happens to be married to host Blackie Chen.

Chen was accused of sexual harassment by fellow Taiwanese celebrities Chou Yi-Pei, Yuan Kuo and DJ Swallow in June.

After the accusations went public, Fan, 47, released a statement in support of Chen, 46.

The couple also denied all accusations against Chen and sued Chou for defamation.

However, inconsistencies in Fan’s Instagram statement, such as her saying that she only left the house five times when she was pregnant, were spotted by eagle-eyed netizens.

To no one’s surprise, this caused even further backlash against Fan and Chen.

Netizens Threatened to Boycott Fan’s Upcoming Concert

After Fan publicly expressed her support towards Chen, many netizens threatened to boycott her upcoming concert at the Taipei Music Centre.

Her concert, called Between Us, was scheduled for 8 September.

Many people left comments on Fan’s social media posts asking for refunds, while others tried to sell their tickets online for low prices.

Some netizens also said they would not want to attend the concert even if they were given free tickets.


Apart from that, several other netizens suggested that those attending the concert could go there to boo her or chant the phrase “me too”.

Fan’s Concert Now Cancelled

And in the latest turn of events, the organiser of the concert uploaded an announcement on Friday (7 July) evening stating that the concert has been cancelled.

The organiser, KHAM, wrote that the concert would not be held and apologised to fans for the inconvenience caused.

Apart from that, it also provided fans with different refund methods for their tickets.

Concert Cancellation Could Cost Fan Up to NT$1 million

Previously, it was reported by Taiwanese media that Fan could pay up to NT$1 million (approximately S$43,437) in compensation fees for cancelling her concert.

The fees include rental fees for the venue, admin-related fees and refunds to both sponsors and fans.

Update On the Victims

Recently, Chen’s alleged victims returned to posting on social media after taking a break.

On 7 July, Chou posted about “facing the sunlight” on Facebook and uploaded photos of her attending a performance yesterday (9 July).

As for Kuo, she wrote some reflections about what she did during her break from “the community”.

On the other hand, DJ Swallow announced on Friday (7 July) at a public event that she would testify in court against Chen if needed.


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