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Le Le's Return to China Has Been Postponed to Jan 2024, So You Can Still See Him Till 13 Dec 2023



Hey, animal lovers, guess what? 

If you were under the impression that our adorable panda cub Le Le, will return to China in December, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. 

Le Le’s journey back home has been rescheduled from December to January, granting us more time to enjoy his cute antics and see him again.

While we’ll miss him when he leaves, let’s make the most of this bonus panda time.

Le Le Will Return to China in Jan 2024 Instead

Le Le, the delightful panda cub born to Kai Kai and Jia Jia, has had his farewell extended to 13 December 2023, instead of the originally planned 20 November 2023. 

Visitors can visit him at the Pavilion Capital Giant Panda Forest exhibit in River Wonders until 13 December 2023, before he begins his quarantine period the following day. 

This quarantine, starting from 14 December 2023, is a necessary step he will have to undergo before his journey to China. 

Le Le will be flying with Singapore Airlines when he is set to leave for China on 16 January 2024.

Yes, you heard that right. Even a panda can live more lavishly than the average person here, flying home with Singapore Airlines, one of the world’s best airlines.

Preparations for Smooth Transition Back to China

After Le Le’s return to China, he will become an integral part of the nation’s conservation programme, dedicated to safeguarding his species. 

His dedicated care team is preparing him for a seamless journey.


In the natural course of giant panda behaviour, Jia Jia, Le Le’s mother, has begun showing signs of distancing herself from her cub, a normal progression in their development. 

She has begun exhibiting avoidance behaviours, such as moving away when Le Le approaches, and recently, has shown initial signs of rejection, such as chasing him away.

This is a natural and expected step as Jia Jia prepares to separate from two-year-old Le Le.

The panda care team has been working on a smooth transition plan to facilitate this natural separation. 

They have arranged a timeshare system for their exhibit in anticipation of Le Le’s departure. This system allows visitors to see Le Le from 10am to 2pm, followed by Jia Jia from 2pm to 6pm, ensuring both pandas continue to receive the attention and care they need while also allowing the public to bid their farewells to Le Le and support Jia Jia during this transitional phase.

Until now, Le Le has been administered two vaccinations and will undergo comprehensive health checks during his quarantine period. 

To ensure his safe and comfortable transportation to China, a custom-built crate is being constructed.

Once the crate is ready, the animal care team will acclimate Le Le to his new travel home. 

This acclimatisation will involve Positive Reinforcement Training, where food rewards are used to encourage Le Le to voluntarily enter and become comfortable inside the crate. This methodical and consistent training is crucial for facilitating a smooth and low-stress transfer for Le Le on his departure day.

Furthermore, Mandai Wildlife Group is collaborating closely with Singapore Airlines to orchestrate the logistics of Le Le’s journey, ensuring that his flight to his new home is as comfortable as possible.


A Chance to Bid Farewell to Le Le

In the final month leading up to Le Le’s return to China, Mandai Wildlife Group is extending their Bon Voyage, Le Le! campaign until 13 December 2023. This farewell event includes a special promotion with up to 20% off admission tickets to River Wonders.

From now until 13 December, River Wonders will host a series of engaging activities for visitors to celebrate Le Le’s time in Singapore. 

These include Growing Up with Le Le, Playtime with Le Le, and Commemorating Le Le’s Journey, where visitors can explore a visual timeline of Le Le’s most memorable moments and milestones.

For the die-hard Le Le fans, there’s an extra special treat. 

On select dates in November and December (11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 25, 26 November; 2, 3, 9, 10, and 13 December), a dedicated panda mailbox will be available for fans to drop off their fan mail, including letters, drawings, or photos of Le Le.

To stay updated on all the events and activities of the Bon Voyage, Le Le! campaign, visitors can check out the Mandai Wildlife Reserve website


Terms of Chinese Panda Loan Agreements

As we bid farewell to Le Le, let’s reflect on the special agreement between Singapore and China that made the arrival of his parents, Kai Kai and Jia Jia, possible. 

This pair of giant pandas graced Singapore’s shores in 2012, thanks to a ten-year loan under the “Agreement on Cooperation in Panda Conservation and Research,” a prime example of what is often affectionately termed “panda diplomacy.”

This unique form of diplomacy involves China loaning giant pandas to other countries to express friendship and goodwill. 

An integral part of these agreements is that any cubs born overseas, like Le Le, are to be returned to China upon reaching two years of age. Le Le celebrated this milestone on 14 August 2023, signalling the time for him to embark on his journey back to China.

Condo That Sits on JCube Site Sold 88% Of Its Units on Its Launch



For those of us who live in the West, learning that JCube ceased its operations on 6 August 2023 felt like a real heartbreaker. 

JCube wasn’t just a mall; it was a slice of our childhood. This place was our go-to for many things. From gliding around the ice skating rink, cramming for exams in the study areas, catching the latest movies at Shaw Theatres, to enjoying student deals at Eighteen Chefs.

But now, JCube has shut its doors to pave the way for something new. 

In its place, J’den, a new condominium, is set to rise, featuring 368 residential units. This 40-storey condo will also offer two levels of retail space, breathing new life into the spot we’ve always known as JCube, right in the heart of Jurong East Central. 

While it signifies the end of an era, it also symbolises the start of a new chapter for our beloved neighbourhood.

New Condo J’den Sold 88% Of Its Units During Its Launch

The new condominium that will sit on JCube, J’den, hit an impressive success, selling out 323 of its 368 units, or an impressive 88%, during its launch on Saturday (11 November 2023).

The condo will offer a 99-year leasehold for buyers.

Located in a prime area, this mixed-use development boasts direct connectivity to the Jurong East MRT interchange and nearby malls like Westgate, IMM, and Jem. 

The units were sold at an average price of $2,451 per square foot (psf). All smaller units, including one- and two-bedroom apartments ranging from 527 to 721 square feet, were completely sold out.

According to CapitaLand, J’den is set to be the tallest mixed-use development in the Jurong Lake District, marking a significant milestone in the area’s development.

Majority of Buyers Were Singaporeans and PRs

According to The Straits Times, over 99% of the buyers at J’den were Singaporeans and permanent residents (PRs), demonstrating a strong local interest in the development. 


Notably, nearly 60% of these buyers are 40 or younger, reflecting a growing trend of younger demographics investing in real estate.

Speaking to The Straits Times, Ismail Gafoor, the CEO of PropNex, said that the excitement surrounding J’den stems from its prime location and the appealing starting price of $2,100 psf. 

This combination of affordability and convenience has resonated well with the buyers, marking J’den as a highly sought-after development in the competitive real estate market.

The makeover of the surrounding area further adds to J’den’s appeal. The nearby Chinese and Japanese Gardens renovation is expected to be completed in 2024, enhancing the locale’s aesthetic and recreational value. 

The Jurong East integrated transport hub, featuring a fully air-conditioned bus interchange, and the new Science Centre are slated to open in 2027, promising improved connectivity and educational opportunities.

The launch of J’den has filled a significant gap in the market, as the last condominium project in the area, J Gateway, was launched way back in 2013. 

J’den Facilities and Surroundings

J’den, a project by CapitaLand Development, is set to be completed in 2027. 

As highlighted on its website, the development boasts various facilities designed to cater to diverse lifestyles and preferences. 

Residents can look forward to enjoying a swimming pool, a kid’s pool, a dedicated play area, a state-of-the-art gymnasium, a cosy clubhouse, BBQ pits for social gatherings, expansive outdoor spaces, and beautifully landscaped greens.

Further enhancing its appeal, J’den offers a variety of additional lifestyle amenities and creative setups within the complex, ensuring that there’s something for everyone, whether it’s for recreation or sporting activities.


It is directly linked to the Jurong East MRT interchange and popular shopping destinations like Jem, Westgate, and the IMM Building through J-Walk, an elevated, covered pedestrian network. 

This integration into the Jurong Lake District (JLD) positions J’den as an ideal residence for those seeking convenience, connectivity, and luxury in their daily lives.

History of JCube

JCube Mall, a landmark known for hosting Singapore’s only Olympic-size ice-skating rink, closed its doors in August after 11 memorable years. 

This closure paves the way for the new residential development, J’den.

JCube first opened its doors on 2 April 2012, having replaced the iconic Jurong Entertainment Centre – a nostalgic spot that was the sole mall in the area for a time. 

Parry Avenue Field Reopens As There's No Evidence That Links It to The Fatal Poisoning of 3 Dogs



If you’re a dog owner, mainly residing near Kovan, chances are you’re already familiar with the recent dog fatalities

This tragic incident has been associated with reports of multiple dogs falling victim to poisoning, and some have even lost their lives.

In October, some dog owners deeply affected by this incident turned to social media platforms to share their experiences and issue a warning to their fellow dog owners across Singapore. 

To safeguard the welfare of other dogs, the owners also put up several warning signs at the entrance gate of the field as a cautionary measure, alerting them that there is the presence of hazardous substances that may pose a threat to their pets. 

The signs also provide information about early warning signs for dogs, such as hysterical barking, trembling, and seizures.

Dogs Died After Playing at Kovan Field

The unfortunate sequence of events began with the passing of a Cavachon on 5 October 2023, followed by a Bernedoodle the following day. 

Both incidents took place in fields believed to be situated in Kovan. 

These fields have been identified as Parry Field, Parry Avenue, Philips Avenue, Sandilands Road, and other surrounding areas.

It was reported that two of the dogs were nibbling on the grass while playing on the field. 

However, just a few hours later, they died, allegedly due to poisoning.

Parry Avenue Field to Reopen on 19 November 2023

Well, the field in Parry Avenue is scheduled to reopen on Sunday (19 November 2023), following its temporary closure due to the passing of three dogs.


This decision comes in light of a thorough investigation that found no evidence of contamination in the grassy area. 

Responding to inquiries, the Animal and Veterinary Service (AVS) and the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) issued a joint statement confirming that no additional cases have been reported since.

According to the statement from AVS, the investigation first began on 7 October 2023, following reports of the death of three dogs who had frequented the field and its surroundings.

No Similar Cases Reported in Other Areas in Singapore

NEA said that it has conducted comprehensive testing of environmental samples taken from both the field and its surrounding areas.

During the investigation, the authorities spoke with the dog owners and consulted with the veterinarians. 

They cordoned off the site to facilitate their inquiries as part of the safety measures.

Additionally, the authorities took proactive steps by issuing an advisory to all licensed veterinarians in Singapore. 

They also reached out to dog owners residing in the Parry Avenue vicinity, situated off Yio Chu Kang Road, urging them to report any similar cases.

The agencies report that no similar incidents have been brought to their attention in the vicinity or elsewhere across Singapore.

However, since two of the deceased dogs had already been cremated before the investigation began, laboratory tests to determine the cause of their illnesses and death were not possible.


Third Dog Didn’t Die Due to Poisoning

While the first two dogs’ fatalities were linked to poisoning, the third dog is believed not to have died for the same reason.

The third dog, a Husky, died on 5 October 2023. 

A thorough examination of the dog’s remains at the AVS, including an analysis of samples to detect potential toxins, revealed no evidence of poisoning. 

Furthermore, the dog’s activities around the field were limited to the vicinity, and there were also no reported seizures in the dog.

The statement also clarified that no recent vector-control treatment, which could potentially be a source of contamination, had been conducted within the field. 

Reader: What is the vector-control treatment?


Well, vector-control treatment typically involves spraying insecticides to curb mosquito breeding.

The investigation into this situation involved rigorous testing of environmental samples taken from both the field and its surroundings, specifically to detect any toxic substances that could have played a role in the dogs’ death. 

These tests did not yield any evidence of poison or harmful substances capable of causing harm to the dogs.

In response to inquiries, AVS and SLA disclosed that they had collected and tested over 100 soil samples as part of their investigation.

As a precautionary measure, the authorities also advised dog owners to exercise vigilance when their pets are in public areas. This includes ensuring dogs are leashed to minimise the risk of injury.


What to Do if Your Dog Is Poisoned

If you have a hunch that your dog might have been poisoned, taking immediate action is crucial. 

The first step is contacting a veterinarian or an emergency animal clinic immediately. They will require essential details like the food your dog has eaten, the location of their last playtime, when the symptoms began, and any noticeable shifts in behaviour.

Although you might be tempted to take matters into your own hands, staying away from DIY remedies without seeking professional guidance is advisable. 

Signs of poisoning can manifest in various ways, including vomiting, diarrhoea, excessive drooling, seizures, trembling, and more. 

Everything About the Bedbug Infestation in South Korea & How It'll Impact Us



Bedbug Infestations Surge in Seoul: South Korea Battles Resurgent Pests

First Paris, and now Seoul?

The recent bedbug hysteria in Paris captured global attention, highlighting a growing concern about these pests. Now, it appears that the issue of bedbugs is not confined to Paris alone.

Another region is grappling with a similar predicament, and this time, it’s much closer to home.

The Escalating Bedbug Infestation Reports

Lest you’re not aware, bedbugs are small, hardy insects with a reddish-brown hue.

They are wingless and feed on blood, primarily at night. These nocturnal creatures typically conceal themselves in mattresses, couches, and even in the crevices of walls, floors, and furniture.

Contrary to popular belief, bedbugs are not caused by poor personal hygiene. Instead, they are adept “hitchhikers,” easily attaching themselves to items like suitcases, linen, and clothing. This trait enables them to travel to new locations, thus facilitating the spread of these pests.

According to the South Korean government, bedbugs, once a widespread issue, were believed to have been eradicated since the 1970s.

However, recent events suggest a resurgence, particularly in saunas, gosiwons, and university dormitories.

In mid-September, a student at Keimyung University in Daegu reported being bitten by bedbugs in a dormitory. Following this incident, bedbugs and larvae were discovered in a sauna in Incheon. Additional reports have emerged from Bucheon city, Seoul, and Busan city.

As of 7 November 2023, the number of suspected bedbug cases across South Korea has risen to approximately 30.

This surge in bedbug reports is alarming, especially in densely populated areas like Seoul, where the rapid spread of these pests is a significant concern.


Considering that only nine bedbug-related cases were reported to the Korea Disease Control and Prevention (KDCA) since 2014, the current situation is particularly worrying.

South Korea’s Battle Against Bedbugs

In response to this resurgence, the South Korean government has initiated a comprehensive campaign against these hitchhiking pests. Park Yoo-mi, a senior health official in Seoul, stated, “While bedbugs do not transmit diseases, they are pests that cause discomfort, allergies, and psychological as well as economic harm due to their blood-feeding habits.”

On 7 November 2023, the government announced a plan for widescale inspections and preventive measures over the following four weeks.

From 13 November to 8 December, inspections will be conducted at high-risk facilities such as public transportation and bathhouses. Facilities found to harbor bedbugs will be immediately disinfected to contain the spread.

A government official noted that due to the misconception linking bedbugs to poor hygiene, some individuals might hesitate to report infestations, fearing embarrassment. Therefore, the number of cases is expected to rise in the near future.

Implications for Travel and Tourism

Currently, there have been no confirmed cases of bedbugs in South Korean airports.

However, to prevent any negative impact on tourism, the CEO of Korea Airports Corporation, Yoon, has announced enhanced pest control measures, aiming to establish a robust system for customer reassurance.

Staff will undergo training for constant on-site monitoring. Any detection of bedbugs will trigger immediate pest control actions, including isolating the affected area and removing the pests. A combination of physical and chemical control methods will be employed to prevent further infestation.

A Global Concern

The bedbug issue extends beyond Paris and South Korea. London has also reported a rise in bedbug cases.

Moreover, Hong Kong has issued warnings to travellers from South Korea, France, and the UK, expressing concerns about the potential spread of bedbugs.


It’s uncertain how widespread this issue will become, but for now, we can only hope that places like Singapore remain off the bedbugs’ list of potential new territories.

FamilyMart Cashier in Taiwan Saves S'porean Woman from a Love Scam



Singaporean Student Escapes Love Scam in Taiwan Thanks to Alert Store Employee

Thought to have found love in Taiwan, a Singaporean student named Zhao instead became the victim of a common love scam.

She nearly lost NT$30,000 (S$1,260), but was saved by the alertness and quick thinking of a convenience store employee.

Here’s what happened.

A Sole Trip That Took a 360-Degree Turn

During her solo trip to Taiwan, Zhao, a 24-year-old postgraduate student, met a man known as “Chen Chen” on Tinder. He offered to meet her and show her around the city of Tainan.

The Tainan City Police reported that Chen Chen regularly checked up on Zhao during her trip, leading her to believe that a romantic relationship was blossoming.

They planned to meet outside a FamilyMart store in Tainan on 4 November 2023.

However, when the time came, Zhao was met with excuses from Chen Chen over LINE, a popular messaging app in Taiwan. He claimed to be a host at a night entertainment venue and demanded NT$20,000 (S$840) as a “meeting fee”. Additionally, he instructed Zhao to buy Apple gift cards worth NT$30,000 (S$1,260) and send him proof.

Shocked, Zhao expressed her reluctance to Chen Chen. In response, he sent her a gruesome video and threatened to harm her if she did not comply.

Frightened, Zhao entered FamilyMart to purchase the gift cards. Her frantic behavior caught the attention of an employee, who alerted the police.

At around 9:00 pm, the Tainan City Police received a report from a FamilyMart employee about a Singaporean woman potentially being scammed.

Initially, Zhao was distrustful of the police, fearing they might be accomplices in the scam.


This mistrust stemmed from misinformation about the Taiwanese police she had received from a friend.

Police body cam footage shows Zhao expressing her concerns, citing instances where Taiwanese police were allegedly involved with scammers.

She also mentioned that Chen Chen might be searching for her, as she had previously sent him her personal details and location. After extensive reassurance from the police, who emphasized their commitment to her safety, Zhao was relieved to learn that Chen Chen was not in Tainan.

To further ease her worries, the police escorted her back to her accommodation and provided their contact number for reassurance.

Love Scams, The Scam That Never Rests

The prevalence of love scams is a growing concern. The Taiwanese Police acknowledge the recurring nature of online dating fraud and are working to increase awareness through outreach and education, aiming to protect the public from such scams.

According to the Singapore Police Force, there were 33,669 scam and cybercrime cases in 2022, marking a 25.2% increase from the previous year.

These scams resulted in a loss of S$660.7 million, with 7.5% attributed to love scams.

This serves as a reminder to remain vigilant and cautious on online platforms. Remember, the person you’re talking to might not be who they claim to be.

You can watch this video we’d done in collaboration with the Singapore Police Force about love scams:

M’sian Claims “Several” Uninvited Strangers Just Went to Her Wedding Banquet for a Free Meal



Malaysian Singer’s Wedding Day Marred by Uninvited Guests Seeking Free Meal

Imagine having to chase away gate-crashers instead of receiving well-wishes from your family and friends on your wedding day.

That’s precisely what happened to Malaysian singer Jacqueline Ng, a winner of the annual TVB International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship in Hong Kong.

Recently, Jacqueline has found herself in the spotlight, not because of her new album, but due to the uninvited guests who crashed her wedding.

In a Facebook post she shared on 7 Nov, Jacqueline issued a warning to future brides planning to hold their wedding banquets at wedding halls.

Jacqueline revealed that she received numerous feedback messages from guests who were perplexed by the presence of unfamiliar faces at her wedding, and she was unable to provide them with any answers.

While one or two strangers might have been tolerable, the sheer number of gate-crashers at her wedding, disrupting the officially invited guests, prompted Jacqueline to speak out about the incident.

Invited Guests Left With No Seats

For those who were invited to the wedding, there were designated table numbers and seat assignments.

However, chaos ensued when some invited guests found themselves without a place to sit because “someone else” had taken their seats.

Jacqueline, in her role as the bride, had to not only receive blessings but also manage this situation as the star of the wedding show that day.

Fortunately, Jacqueline had arranged for extra tables in advance, and she directed guests whose seats were taken to these additional seats.


Unfortunately, even the extra seats became occupied, leaving invited guests without a place to sit.

This was an extremely distressing and embarrassing situation for the bride.

Pretended To Be “Neighbour”

One gate-crasher went to great lengths to blend in, pretending to be Jacqueline’s neighbour and taking a seat at a table before eagerly digging into the meal.

However, luck was not on his side, as he had chosen a table designated for Jacqueline’s actual neighbours, who knew exactly who should be on the “Neighbour List.”

According to other neighbours, this man exhibited terrible table manners and, when caught red-handed, tried to excuse himself by blaming traffic and claiming he joined the wedding in a frenzy, leading him to randomly select a table.

The core issue here was that these gate-crashers went unnoticed, turning what should have been a once-in-a-lifetime, joyous occasion into a distressing experience for Jacqueline and her invited guests.

The Only Problem: Coming Uninvited

While Jacqueline was willing to provide more food and pay extra expenses for the wedding, her grievance lay in the disrespectful behaviour of these individuals, which marred the event.

She even expressed her willingness to donate money if these gate-crashers were in need.

In her Facebook post, Jacqueline revealed that she had spent an entire week painstakingly preparing for the table allocations on the wedding day, staying up late night after night to ensure everything was in order.

Initially, she had hesitated to share this issue publicly, but the discourteous actions of these strangers had profoundly affected her important day.


Costs to hold wedding banquets are only rising, and there is little room for mistakes to happen on such an important day.

Thankfully, some of Jacqueline’s guests reached out to verify the situation and even provided photographic evidence of the gate-crashers.

Since then, Jacqueline’s Facebook post has garnered nearly 7,000 shares.

In the comments section, she also included a link to her new album for those who wished to support her music career.

42YO Chinese Singer Reveals She’s Dating a 23YO Actor



Veteran Singer Kym Unveils Romance with Actor 19 Years Younger

The love life of Kym, a 42-year-old Chinese singer and actress, has caught public attention as she reveals her relationship with a much younger partner.

After keeping their relationship under wraps for over a year, Kym has introduced her significant other, confirming that her boyfriend is Sun Chengxiao, a 23-year-old graduate from the prestigious Shanghai Theatre Academy.

From Douyin to Reality

The pair, who starred together in the 2022 Douyin drama Appraiser of Love, first met at a business dinner while Sun was still in his final year of study.

Sun recalls being immediately captivated by Kym and soon after, he poured his heart out to her, undeterred by their age difference.

In a bid to win her over, Sun took to the kitchen, preparing over 100 unique dishes for Kym, a gesture that eventually led to her acceptance of his romantic advances.

Their relationship, once private, has now been flaunted online by Kym.

Revelation on “Viva La Romance” and Weibo

On 3 Nov, Kym took to Weibo to introduce her partner, sharing a video preview from the show Viva La Romance and tagging Sun’s account.

Sun humorously reposted this with a comment about their on-screen hand-holding, saying, “Oops, got caught.”

The 7 Nov premiere of Viva La Romance spotlighted the couple’s 19-year age difference, igniting media buzz.

Viva La Romance, a Mango TV travel-reality series, brings together four couples, including Kym and Sun, to explore and strengthen their relationships while traveling across China.

During their intimate interview on the show, the couple candidly discussed their unique love story.


In the interview, Sun appeared noticeably tense, maintaining a serious demeanor, while Kym, seasoned in the limelight, effortlessly engaged with the production team’s inquiries.

Throughout the conversation, their hands mostly remained tightly clasped.

A humorous moment arose when discussing their ages; Sun mistakenly said Kym was 43, prompting her to playfully correct him.

Sun also noted the serendipity of Kym’s rise to fame, coinciding with the year of his birth.

Watch the full interview here:

Mixed Feedback from Friends; Couple Stays Strong

Kym revealed that her friends’ reactions were divided—some envied her young and handsome boyfriend, while others cautioned her to think pragmatically.

Similarly, Sun’s circle had reservations, with some questioning the relationship’s solidity and advising him to reconsider.

Despite their concerns, Sun affirmed his independence and determination to pursue the relationship, wanting to prove the authenticity of his feelings for Kym.

Faced with contrasting views, the couple chose transparency on the show, with Kym expressing satisfaction with their relationship and a desire to highlight her boyfriend’s merits.


Marriage Aspirations: Securing a Good Man

Kym, who has never concealed her marital aspirations, disclosed that their relationship is grounded in the prospect of marriage.

She expressed her lifelong yearning for matrimony, acknowledging Sun’s potential as a spouse, albeit his youth, quipping that “good men should be off-market.”

Sun, though feeling inexperienced regarding marriage, is keen to tie the knot. He hopes to gain insights from the couples on “Viva La Romance” to prepare for their future together.

Man Reportedly Discriminated By Potential Employers for His “Square” Face



Square-Faced Man Allegedly Denied Employment: Appearance-Based Discrimination in China

It’s universally discouraging to face repeated rejections from potential employers, especially when securing a job is critical for survival.

The sting of rejection is sharp when we’re told we’re “simply” not the right fit, tempting us to believe that we’re “not good enough” for certain roles.

Consider this scenario:

You’re turned down by an employer because your face is “too square”, and because of this, you’re unable to support your family and elderly parents as the sole provider.

This is the reality for a man from Henan province in China.

“Your Face Can’t Make It, I Don’t Want You”

Prior to November, Mr Zhang journeyed over 900km from Zhumadian in Henan Province to Jiashan County in Zhejiang, fueled by hope and desperation to find a factory job that paid well enough to support his entire family, including his aged parents, as the family’s sole breadwinner.

Despite applying to over ten electronics factories, he faced a string of rejections.

And the reason? His face was deemed too square.

According to Mr Zhang, the interviewers were harsh, telling him outright, “Your face can’t make it, I don’t want you.”

Imagine enduring this rejection not just once, but repeatedly, from over ten different factories.

The experience is undoubtedly demoralising.


In the past, Mr Zhang was mockingly called “Brother Monkey” or “Square Face.” Although a square face is often considered masculine and attractive in China, some took the opportunity to belittle him.

In an interview with The Beijing News, a frustrated Mr Zhang stated, “No matter how ugly I am, I am hardworking and capable. Why won’t they let me work?”

His anguish over these discriminatory acts is palpable.

Netizens React with Indignation; Some Otherwise

After the video interview was released, some netizens expressed sympathy for Mr Zhang’s situation, noting that his face wasn’t as square as some famous celebrities like Yang Mi.

“Still okay, it doesn’t seem as square as Da Mi Mi (Yang Mi) or San Meng (an influencer).”

Others stressed that employment should not be contingent on one’s appearance. One contour plastic surgeon commented, expressing hope that beauty seekers who undergo surgery to refine their facial features can ultimately return to a normal, peaceful life without such pressures.

Conversely, many speculated that there might be undisclosed details, given the ongoing labour shortages in Chinese factories since 2012.

Some suggested that perhaps Mr Zhang was concealing the true reason for his rejections, which might have been due to his qualifications rather than his looks.

“It must be something other than his appearance because factories are desperate for workers. If someone has even minimal skills, they’re in demand. How could his looks be a factor?”

“He’s probably not skilled enough and is using his appearance as an excuse.”


Too Poor For Breakfast

Regardless of the true nature of Mr Zhang’s interviews, it is clear that he has exerted significant effort in his job search.

Currently, he finds himself in such dire straits that affording breakfast is a struggle, let alone providing for his family.

With encouragement from reporters, Mr Zhang managed to buy a few small buns for breakfast.

He resolved to continue his job search, and the journalists pledged to assist him in finding potential job opportunities.

Sign in South Korea Train Station Urging Overweight People to Take the Stairs Sparked Discussions Online



A video of a sign in Sanbong station, a subway station in Seoul, Korea, has gone viral and you won’t believe why.

The video above, was posted by digital content creator @dailydoseofkorean, also known as Alo.

It showcases two signs: A skinnier man which points towards the stairs and a chubbier man which points towards the escalator with the caption, “Korea is so mean.” 

When speaking to SAYS, Alo said that this sign is meant to encourage people to use the stairs as part of their daily exercise.

This sign has been present for years as seen in a Reddit post dated five years ago. However, it has gone viral once again due to this video, garnering over 25 million views on TikTok and 61 million views on Instagram.

Korea’s Beauty Standards 

Korea is known for having strict beauty standards. They are reported as the “plastic surgery capital of the world,” therefore it is also relatively easy to find beauty regimens, exercise and diet plans of Korean celebrities to follow or gain inspiration from.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve come across  IU’s infamous sweet potato diet.

Female Kpop idols are normally under immense pressure to fit into the impossible beauty standards. An example being striving to achieve a 25 inch waist or even smaller.

These have undoubtedly influenced South Korea’s population. There are even reports stating that “attractive” individuals tend to have an advantage when seeking for jobs.

Mixed Reactions from The Public

This video has gained mixed reactions from the public on both TikTok and Instagram.


In light of the fat acceptance and body positivity movement, some members of the public are unsurprisingly upset about the sign. Some recounted unpleasant experiences they encountered in Korea while others viewed this sign as an offensive and unacceptable message. 

On the other hand, many comments on Instagram saw no harm in the sign and pictured it as a way to motivate others to be healthier.

Some have made light of the situation and compared the chubbier sticker to the beloved character from the movie Big Hero 6, Baymax. 

That being said, if your everyday diet consists of fast food… maybe consider avoiding this station on your next trip to Seoul.

S’pore Couple Sent Wedding Invitation to President Tharman & Got a Reply From Him Personally



President Tharman Responds to Singapore Couple’s Wedding Invite with Personal Letter

Remember the couple that received a McNuggets bouquet for their wedding this year?

That was a delightful turn of events for the pair of McDonald’s fans.

Just last month in October, another couple’s unique approach to wedding invites has made headlines.

Gillian and Sian Shi, an enthusiastic pair of fans of the newly-elected President Tharman and many other brands, decided to extend a wedding invitation to the President himself.

Their bold move paid off in an unexpected way.

To their astonishment, they received a personal reply from President Tharman in the form of a heartfelt letter.

President Tharman RSVP To Wedding Invite 

In an interview with TODAY, the couple shared that they “heard (President Tharman) was quite responsive and supportive as a minister, so (we) wanted to see if we could get some well wishes from him.”

With modest expectations, they were under no illusion given the President’s demanding role.

I mean, the President is too busy taking care of the country, where got time to reply to a playful experiment right?

However, President Tharman’s response went above and beyond, exemplifying the very essence of “exceeding expectations.”

Sending their invitation via post, they received a handwritten response from President Tharman, who expressed his gratitude for their kind words and formally declined the invitation due to prior commitments, imparting his best wishes for their health and future together.


Yes, our President did not take it as a joke, and seriously RSVP-ed with the line:

“Unfortunately, I am not able to attend your solemnization due to an official commitment.”

The Bubbly Newlyweds’ Bubble Tea Bliss

Not only did the couple receive a response from President Tharman, but they also got a reply from Gong Cha Singapore’s CEO, Mr Kang Puay Seng.

Being ardent fans of bubble tea, they had sent invitations to their favorite bubble tea chains, including Gong Cha and Koi The.

In a generous gesture, Mr Kang sent a $90 voucher and a personal note expressing his honour at their support for Gong Cha.

Koi The also made their wedding day special by waiving the delivery fee for a substantial order of bubble tea.

In a TikTok video, the couple joyfully sipped their bubble tea in the company of their guests, celebrating with their beloved drink as part of their nuptials.

Generosity from More Brands

But the surprises didn’t end there.

The couple received a themed gift box from Don Don Donki, complete with a custom illustration, mascot plushies, and luggage tags, all embodying the store’s unique brand.

Scoot airlines also sent a charming gift basket, featuring cuddly teddy bears, stickers, and a card, which the couple affectionately named “Bella” and “Bowie.”


Public Sentiments Vary

The couple’s TikTok video, documenting this extraordinary experience, has gone viral with more than 700,000 views.

Amidst comments from Gong Cha Singapore and Scoot wishing them marital happiness, public reaction has been mixed.

While many applauded the brands’ gestures, others criticised the couple for allegedly seeking free wedding handouts.

Some have, however, rebutted the view, arguing that the couple could have contacted more luxurious brands like Rolex, Cartier, or even Ferrari if they merely wanted to get sponsorships. Whereas some others expressed sentiments to do the same for their wedding (even if it takes a divorce).

Despite the varied opinions, it’s clear from Ms Gillian’s TikTok content that their love for bubble tea is genuine, having chronicled their bubble tea adventures since 2021.

The big question now is, which brand will be charmed next?


Watch the full TikTok video here: