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S’pore Couple Sent Wedding Invitation to President Tharman & Got a Reply From Him Personally


President Tharman Responds to Singapore Couple’s Wedding Invite with Personal Letter

Remember the couple that received a McNuggets bouquet for their wedding this year?

That was a delightful turn of events for the pair of McDonald’s fans.

Just last month in October, another couple’s unique approach to wedding invites has made headlines.

Gillian and Sian Shi, an enthusiastic pair of fans of the newly-elected President Tharman and many other brands, decided to extend a wedding invitation to the President himself.

Their bold move paid off in an unexpected way.

To their astonishment, they received a personal reply from President Tharman in the form of a heartfelt letter.

President Tharman RSVP To Wedding Invite 

In an interview with TODAY, the couple shared that they “heard (President Tharman) was quite responsive and supportive as a minister, so (we) wanted to see if we could get some well wishes from him.”

With modest expectations, they were under no illusion given the President’s demanding role.

I mean, the President is too busy taking care of the country, where got time to reply to a playful experiment right?

However, President Tharman’s response went above and beyond, exemplifying the very essence of “exceeding expectations.”

Sending their invitation via post, they received a handwritten response from President Tharman, who expressed his gratitude for their kind words and formally declined the invitation due to prior commitments, imparting his best wishes for their health and future together.


Yes, our President did not take it as a joke, and seriously RSVP-ed with the line:

“Unfortunately, I am not able to attend your solemnization due to an official commitment.”

The Bubbly Newlyweds’ Bubble Tea Bliss

Not only did the couple receive a response from President Tharman, but they also got a reply from Gong Cha Singapore’s CEO, Mr Kang Puay Seng.

Being ardent fans of bubble tea, they had sent invitations to their favorite bubble tea chains, including Gong Cha and Koi The.

In a generous gesture, Mr Kang sent a $90 voucher and a personal note expressing his honour at their support for Gong Cha.

Koi The also made their wedding day special by waiving the delivery fee for a substantial order of bubble tea.

In a TikTok video, the couple joyfully sipped their bubble tea in the company of their guests, celebrating with their beloved drink as part of their nuptials.

Generosity from More Brands

But the surprises didn’t end there.

The couple received a themed gift box from Don Don Donki, complete with a custom illustration, mascot plushies, and luggage tags, all embodying the store’s unique brand.

Scoot airlines also sent a charming gift basket, featuring cuddly teddy bears, stickers, and a card, which the couple affectionately named “Bella” and “Bowie.”


Public Sentiments Vary

The couple’s TikTok video, documenting this extraordinary experience, has gone viral with more than 700,000 views.

Amidst comments from Gong Cha Singapore and Scoot wishing them marital happiness, public reaction has been mixed.

While many applauded the brands’ gestures, others criticised the couple for allegedly seeking free wedding handouts.

Some have, however, rebutted the view, arguing that the couple could have contacted more luxurious brands like Rolex, Cartier, or even Ferrari if they merely wanted to get sponsorships. Whereas some others expressed sentiments to do the same for their wedding (even if it takes a divorce).

Despite the varied opinions, it’s clear from Ms Gillian’s TikTok content that their love for bubble tea is genuine, having chronicled their bubble tea adventures since 2021.

The big question now is, which brand will be charmed next?


Watch the full TikTok video here:

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