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Woman Pretended To Be Interested In Buying Cookies But Was Caught Stealing A Plastic Bag Instead


Petty Theft at Nasty Cookie: The Curious Case of the Plastic Bag-Stealing Aunty

In Singapore, even minor infractions, like shoplifting, can have severe repercussions. 

It’s an unfortunate reality that many of those who commit these petty crimes tend to be the otherwise warm-hearted aunties of the city.

Recently, an incident involving one such aunty caught the public’s attention when she was spotted shoplifting a plastic bag from Nasty Cookie in Funan mall.

CCTV Footage Exposes Stealthy Shoplifter

On October 10th, Nasty Cookie released a CCTV recording on their official TikTok account.

The footage revealed a middle-aged woman slyly taking a plastic bag from behind the cashier counter when the staff momentarily stepped away.

The woman seemed to have been anticipating the opportune moment.

With determination, she approached the counter and quickly peeked into the staff-only section, ensuring no one was observing her.

Without hesitation, she grabbed one of the turquoise plastic bags, discreetly concealed it under the counter (a spot hidden from the store’s staff), and then slipped it into her own bag.

When the staff returned, the woman feigned interest in the cookies on display, engaging with the staff as they detailed the menu offerings to her.

However, her pretense was short-lived. After a few moments of pretending to contemplate her choices, she hastened her exit.

What she failed to realize was that her every move was captured by the CCTV camera.


Surprisingly, further scrutiny of the CCTV footage revealed that this woman was a recurring visitor to the store.

You can watch the entire video here:

Charging for Plastic Bags: A Possible Motive?

Since the imposition of charges on plastic bags in local supermarkets, consumers have adapted in different ways.

While some have embraced the use of plastic bags from the fresh produce section, others have sought alternative measures.

There have been reports of individuals reusing clear plastic bags meant for fresh produce. However, a more audacious few have resorted to outright theft.

It’s plausible that the woman caught on camera isn’t the only one engaging in such activities.

Nasty Cookie’s Compassionate Response

Despite having clear evidence of the theft, Nasty Cookie has chosen not to be nasty.

They announced that they won’t be taking any action to identify the woman.

In an interview with Mothership, a representative from Nasty Cookie remarked, “We are not sure if our bags are often stolen from our outlets. It just so happened that this particular lady often patronises our store suspiciously and leave abruptly without purchasing anything.”


Interestingly, they also mentioned that some customers openly request multiple plastic bags — sometimes asking for as many as ten bags for a mere three items.

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