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Here's Why More People are Switching to Using a Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Instead of a Normal Mouse


Your best friend at work is not just your colleagues or bosses, but the equipment you use as well. Most of us use a mouse in our daily work routine. To start off, you can consider using a vertical ergonomic mouse instead of a flat mouse.

Haven’t heard of a vertical mouse? Read on.

What is a Vertical Mouse?

No, you don’t literally scroll up and down with a vertical mouse, which some would call it an ergonomic mouse instead.

As its name suggests, a vertical (ergonomic) mouse is a type of computer mouse that is upright and has its buttons and scroll rotated 90 degrees. As compared to a regular flat mouse, your wrist is not elevated as it can rest on the mouse instead.

A vertical mouse has left and right buttons as well as scroll buttons to move up and down pages.

Still confused? Here, watch this:

Here are some advantages of using a vertical mouse.

A Vertical Mouse Improves Productivity

Since less movement from your wrist is required, you can click and scroll more comfortably and it allows you to do your work with less fatigue. Some vertical mice also reduce the number of clicks needed—for example, it takes one click to open a file instead of two.

Hence, your productivity can increase.

A Vertical Mouse Prevents Mouse Shoulder Condition 

Mouse shoulder is a type of condition in your hand, wrist, shoulder, and sometimes your neck. Straining your wrists and having minimal arm support can lead to burning or aching in the affected areas.

Using a vertical mouse provides better support and hence decreases the risk of the condition.


May Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition that is caused by straining the median nerve, which can result in aching, tingling, or numbness in your hand.

A vertical mouse helps to relieve pressure on the wrist, hence decreasing rotation in the wrist.

Best Vertical Mouse to Buy 

If you are looking for a vertical mouse, you can consider getting this Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse that is suitable for both working and gaming functions.

It is sleek and convenient through the use of wireless technology.

There are three colours to choose from—black and white are the classics, and nothing can go wrong with them, while pink is more cutesy and bold.

Moreover, it’s less than $10—who says good things cost a lot?

You can buy from Shopee here.

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