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Truck Driver Fled the Scene After a Fatal Accident That Killed a 39YO Motorcyclist & His 9YO Pillion Rider


If you have a driver’s license in Singapore, the chances are you have seen or driven past an accident scene.

Some of these accidents may be fatal, while others may be minor.

Whatever the case, there will usually be police involvement in such an accident.

Especially when the accident is a hit-and-run accident.

Recently, a truck driver fled from the accident scene after running into a motorcyclist and a pillion rider.

Here is more about what happened.

Truck Driver Left Accident Scene in a Hit-And-Run Accident

Earlier today (11 November 2023), a sad accident occurred on the Pan Island Expressway (PIE).

The accident involved two vehicles, a truck and a motorcycle.

The truck reportedly collided with a motorcycle.

When the accident occurred, two people were riding the motorcycle.

While this may not raise any eyebrows as it sounds like a regular accident during the weekend, this case differs slightly as it is a hit-and-run accident.


The truck driver allegedly fled the scene after knocking over the motorcyclist.

We’re not sure about you, but that sure sounds irresponsible. How can someone responsible for an accident not stop to call for help or try to save the victims involved?

The police were alerted to the incident at around 10.10 a.m. along PIE towards Changi Airport but before the Jalan Bahar exit.

Both Victims Died From the Accident

What then happened to the victims after the truck driver fled the scene?

Unfortunately, both the people riding the motorcycle passed away in the accident.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force pronounced both individuals dead at the scene.

It is unclear whether the deaths could have been prevented had the truck driver called for help instead of fleeing the scene.

The motorcyclist was just 39 years old when he passed away.

Sadly, the pillion rider who passed away as well was even younger.

The pillion rider victim was just 9 years old.


For his role in the accident, the truck driver, who is 68 years old, was later arrested by the police for careless driving causing death.

It remains to be seen whether the truck driver will be charged and held accountable for causing the accident and deaths of two innocent civilians.

This unfortunate accident comes in the wake of another horrible accident earlier this week.

A man, who was just 27 years old, died after his motorcycle collided with a lorry and a minibus near East Coast Parkway.

That’s another accident too many.

Stay safe and drive carefully, everyone.


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