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HomenewsS’pore YouTuber’s Video of Calling S’poreans in M’sia “Bird People” Went Viral

S’pore YouTuber’s Video of Calling S’poreans in M’sia “Bird People” Went Viral


Singaporean YouTuber’s Viral Plea: Ditch the ‘Bird People’ Attitude in Malaysia

As the Malaysian Ringgit depreciates, Singaporeans are seizing the chance for a shopping bonanza, with 1 SGD fetching an impressive RM3.5.

The allure of a bargain has queues at JB customs stretching to an exhausting nine hours, even on a mere long weekend, with a staggering 1.7 million people crossing the border.

Amidst this frenzy, financial advisor and YouTuber, Mr Loo Cheng Chuan, has struck a chord with his timely reminder to fellow Singaporeans.

Don’t Be A “Jiao Lang”

In a video that has quickly amassed nearly 60,000 views, Loo cautions against the “jiao lang” or “bird man” behavior that has become synonymous with Singaporeans in Malaysia.

Loo demonstrated in the video why Singaporeans coin the term of “bird man”, “because of the powerful Singapore dollar, things become so cheap, we always say ‘cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap’, right?

Which is like “chirp chirp chirp”.

Watch the video here:

Indeed, no one loves a noisy bird.

But the most important question is – how does the Malaysian feel?

Being Sensitive To Our Neighbours

It’s a cautionary tale against insensitivity and flaunting wealth.


Loo underscores the need for consideration, pondering how Malaysians feel when they witness such displays of opulence.

The issue, he explains, isn’t the act of capitalising on stronger currency, but the ostentatious and tactless way it’s often done.

He illustrates with a reenactment of a Singaporean shopper loudly boasting about the affordability of their purchases—a habit that doesn’t endear them to Malaysian hosts.

“Wah, so cheap ah”

Acknowledging Singapore’s economic advantage, Loo appeals for humility, likening the country’s financial standing to winning a “lottery game”.

And for Singaporeans, we are simply lucky to have “won the lottery game by being born in the right country” with a stronger currency.

Unfortunately, many at times, this “bird behaviour” is done instinctively and without second thoughts. But when we realise it, the damage has already been done.

Malaysia is More Expensive Than We Think

Contrary to popular belief, Loo also debunks the myth that Malaysia is significantly cheaper.

He clarified that the price gap has narrowed with Singaporeans saving about 30 to 50 percent, not the imagined 350 percent.

He warns that increased demand from Singaporean “jiao langs” could drive Malaysian prices even higher, a sentiment echoed by many viewers.


Most Viewers Are Supportive; Some Remain Conservative

The video’s spread to TikTok underlines its resonance, with the repost by “sgkakinang” earning over 600,000 views and a flood of supportive comments advocating for a shift away from the “bird mentality”.

Some others have provided additional insight to the phenomenon.

And as with every online debate, some point out the opposite side of things.

Government-Recognised Financial Guru Admits To “Bird Behaviour” Too

In an interview with TODAY, Loo confesses his own past lapses into such “bird behavior,” saying that this video serves as a timely reminder for himself as well.

Loo is recognised by the CPF Board for his retirement planning acumen and the founder of the 1M65 movement aimed at financial independence.

Perhaps, Loo’s call to action isn’t just about rejecting the “bird man” label; it’s about recognizing and rectifying the behavior swiftly and sincerely.


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