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McDonald’s Bringing Back Nasi Lemak Burger With a New Friend, Bandung Frappe, from 27 July


Remember McDonald’s iconic Nasi Lemak burger? Well, if you’ve been lovin’ this burger since its debut back in 2017, I have great news for you.

The iconic burger is back in time for Singapore’s birthday.

And this time, it’s back, not bigger, definitely better, but with a new companion.

McDonald’s Bringing Back Nasi Lemak Burger With a New Friend, Bandung Frappe, from 27 July

According to McDonald’s, the burger this time is version 2.0.

It comes with an improved crispy chicken patty that is more lemak than you can ever imagined, and an upgraded ikan bilis sambal sauce.

Layered between lightly toasted semolina buns, you can find all the usual nasi lemak fare within the burger – golden fried egg, cucumber, caramalised onions, chicken patty and the iconic sambal chilli sauce.

Nasi Lemak Burger Purchase Options

You can get the burger a la carte (S$8.30) or as an Extra Value Meal (EVM) from S$9.30.

Feel like going the extra mile? Why not opt for an entire feast instead?

Other than the Nasi Lemak Burger version 2.0, the feast also comes with Potato Wedges for those who prefers a weightier mouthful for their potato sides

And the Cocoa-nut Pie is exactly what its name says: a perfect marriage between lemak (coconut) and chocolate.

The McDonald’s Cocoa-nut Pie (from S$1.70) and Potato Wedges (from S$4.50) are also available for purchase.


The Nasi Lemak Burger Feast starts from S$11.50.

Bandung Frappe

Japan may have its Sakura-inspired series but Southeast Asia has its own iconic pink-flavoured drink.

And no, I’m not talking about Pink Dolphin.

I’m talking about Bandung, which McDonald’s is giving a unique twist to this time around.

Imagine sipping on the classic rose syrup drink accompanied by creamy whipped cream with drizzles of chocolate sauce.

When Can You Enjoy These Goodies?

As you’ve read from the headline of the article, the Nasi Lemak Burger, together with the Bandung Frappe, Potato Wedges and Cocoa-nut Pie will be available from 27 July 2023.

Don’t bother rushing down to McDonald’s first thing in the morning, though.

These goodies will only be available for dine-in or takeaway after Breakfast hours.

So what are you waiting for? Time to head down to the nearest McDonald’s outlet at lunch time tomorrow.

To be safe, you should be fast. That’s because McDonald’s items have a track record of being sold out.


The first time McDonald’s Singapore debuted the Nasi Lemak Burger back in 2017, it was sold out within two weeks.

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