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M’sian Woman Marries Her Fiancé’s Brother After Her Fiancé Died in an Accident


A Malaysian woman married her fiancé’s brother four months after her fiancé died in an accident.

Yes, you read that right. But before you accede to your keyboard warrior tendencies, you should hear her out—it really is a unique love story.

Malaysian Woman Marries Her Fiancé’s Brother After Fiancé Drowned in an Accident

If you were anywhere on TikTok in the past month, you might have come across this video on your FYP:

The video, posted by 24-year-old Ms Nur Malina Mohd Rozani, otherwise known as @malinaaaaa99 on TikTok, shares about her recent marriage, which occurred on 8 September.

The video starts with a clip of her husband wiping his tears, followed by photos of the pair’s solemnisation ceremony.

Here’s why the video attracted some degree of controversy: she had married her late fiancé’s elder brother.

Ms Nur Malina was initially supposed to tie the knot with 28-year-old Mr Shahrizuan Shukri. However, he unfortunately passed away in an accident earlier this year in May.

Mr Shahrizuan had drowned in a river in Kelantan, a state in the northeast of Peninsular Malaysia.

This tragic accident happened one month before the pair were slated to get married.

So, how did Ms Nur Malina end up marrying Mr Shahrizuan’s elder brother instead? And in any event, why did she agree to it?


Well, it was a simple process—while Mr Shahrizuan’s parents were the ones who initially floated the idea, fate did the rest.

“A Beautiful Journey of Love”

Mr Shahrizuan’s elder brother, Mr Shahron Shukri, was the only son in the family who was still single.

As a result, Mr Shahron’s parents decided to matchmake him with Ms Nur Malina, especially since they could not bear to see the 24-year-old alone after her late fiancé’s tragic accident.

Before this, Mr Shahron and Ms Nur Malina were unacquainted—all she knew was his name. Yet, that wouldn’t stop the two from falling in love (cheesy, we know…).

The 24-year-old kindergarten teacher shared with Harian Metro that the pair’s story was “a beautiful journey of love” and could only be described as fate.

She added that she did not expect herself to click with Mr Shahron.

Love finds a way, I guess.

Ms Nur Malina also shared that despite the similarities between Mr Shahron and her late fiancé, her memories of her late fiancé have faded.

“[N]ow my life is with my beloved husband,” she said.

This story is so sweet that the next time you order kopi, you won’t even need to add sugar.


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