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Mum & 1YO Baby Reportedly Fell From Eunos HDB Block on Sunday Afternoon


On Sunday (5 November 2023), a heartbreaking scene unfolded when a mother and her one-year-old infant were reportedly found dead at the bottom of an HDB block in Eunos. 

The Straits Times reported that the police were notified of the incident at Block 35 Eunos Crescent around 12.40pm.

According to an eyewitness, it seems that the victims tragically fell from the building.

Tragically, the police also added that both were pronounced dead at the scene. 

Neighbour Says He Heard a Loud Noise

A resident residing in the same block recounted to Zaobao that, around 12.45pm, he was startled by a loud noise. 

The eyewitness, who opted to remain anonymous, revealed that he quickly went down the stairs to investigate, only to discover two individuals had fallen.

The victims, reported to be Chinese, included a woman lying facedown.

The baby, still in a diaper, underscored the scene’s heart-wrenching nature.

The police had cordoned off the fourth floor. 

They are actively conducting investigations in a unit on that level, believed to be the residence of the deceased.

Deceased Confirmed to be Mother and Daughter

Preliminary assessments suggest that the body positions indicate a fall from the block’s stairwell.


Another neighbour, who also requested anonymity, confirmed that the deceased were a mother and daughter. 

They had moved into the block about a year ago, and he had often exchanged greetings with them. 

Describing them as reserved, he said the woman had two children, including an older son. 

Around 2.40pm, a man believed to be a relative of the deceased arrived at the scene and spoke with police officers.

The bodies were subsequently taken away at 4.40 pm, afterward the man returned to the flat and began rearranging belongings. 

He declined to provide statements to reporters, and according to the resident, the male relative is not believed to be her husband.

Investigations Ongoing; Police Don’t Suspect Foul Play

Preliminary investigations conducted by the police have not raised any suspicion of foul play in connection with the incident. 

To be precise, they have excluded the possibility of homicide. The investigation remains active and ongoing.

Deaths from Falling from Heights

Unfortunately, falling from heights remains a distressingly familiar occurrence in Singapore, as it was the leading cause of workplace fatalities in the country last year. 

Tragic incidents involving residents plummeting from HDB blocks are all too common.


Just this past September, a man reportedly fell from the 11th floor of an HDB Toa Payoh block, miraculously landing on a clothes rack at the base of the building. 

In May, another heart-wrenching incident occurred when a 19-year-old was found dead after falling from a Dawson Road HDB block in Queenstown.

These incidents underscore the ongoing challenges and safety concerns, not only for workers but also for residents, demanding a concerted effort to address and mitigate such risks.

Similarly, a construction worker lost his life after plummeting from a height of 10 storeys to the ground at a BTO worksite in Sembawang.

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