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The Whole of Mid Valley Southkey Mall In JB Evacuated After Receiving Mysterious Threat Call


Are you planning to head over to Johor Bahru (JB) for a quick getaway?

If you had Mid Valley Southkey Mall on your list of to-go places, maybe you want to think again.

The mall was just under threat of having a bomb recently.

We are not sure about you, but it sure sent shivers down our spines.

Thankfully, the mall has since been declared safe and here are no reported casualties.

Here is more about the bomb threat at the popular mall in JB frequented by Singaporeans.

Popular Mall in JB Received Bomb Threat

It seems like a lot of the popular foreign malls that Singaporeans like to frequent are at risk of being targeted by some nefarious doers.

First, it was the upscale mall in Bangkok, Thailand (Bangkok Siam Paragon mall) which had the scary shooting incident earlier this month.

Now, Mid Valley Southkey Mall located in JB had received a call about a bomb planted on their premises.


Earlier today, the official Facebook account of Mid Valley Southkey mall made a post clarifying the incident that happened yesterday (14 October 2023).


The management of the mall and St. Giles Hotel confirmed that they received “a report of security threat via an anonymous phone call”.

While the post did not say what the security threat was, the post revealed that the authorities, including Polis Diraja Malaysia and Bomba were “immediately informed”.

Given that the bomb-handling authorities were called it, it’s safe to presume that the threat was bomb related.

People Were Evacuated From the Mall as a Safety Precaution

To ensure the safety of the people in the mall, both visitors and workers alike, the mall shared that it was “instructed by the authorities to evacuate the affected areas”.

This was a “proactive measure” and probably to help facilitate the ongoing investigations into the phone call.

As such, the “mall management assisted in the smooth evacuation” of both the people in the mall and in the hotel.

The Mall Was Later Declared Safe

Thankfully, after a few hours, the same Facebook page had an updated saying that the premises were declared to be “safe for the return of tenants, employees, guests and shoppers” at around 12.15 a.m. on Sunday (15 October 2023).

The mall resumed its normal operations that day, on 15 October 2023.


The declaration that there was no issue came after the Polis Diraja Malaysia and Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia (BOMBA) “promptly arrived on the scene and investigated the threat by completing a thorough search of the affected area”, and said that they “found no evidence of threats”.

That’s sure a relief, given how popular the mall is with locals.

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