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Leon Perera Makes First Social Media Post After Scandal, Saying His Facebook Page Was Hacked


In the wake of the scandal that erupted involving members from two prominent political parties allegedly engaging in affairs, Tan Chuan-jin and Cheng Li Hui from the PAP swiftly erased their online presence, deleting their social media accounts almost immediately as the news broke. In contrast, the social media platforms of Workers’ Party members Leon Perera and Nicole Seah remained conspicuously untouched.

And by untouched, I mean they were literally left in their original state, as if frozen in time.

This eerie silence persisted until a sudden and unexpected development occurred on Mr Perera’s end.

Out of the blue, Mr Perera’s Facebook posts began disappearing one by one, only for him to resurface with an announcement: his account had been compromised.

According to Mr Perera, the hacker initiated a systematic deletion of his posts for reasons yet unknown.

Here’s a detailed account of the unfolding events.

Leon Perera Breaks Social Media Silence with Announcement of Facebook Page Hack

Since the scandal came to light, Mr Perera had maintained a noticeable silence online.

His activity came to a halt with his last Facebook update on 6 July 2023, followed by an Instagram post on 15 July 2023. It’s worth noting that the scandalous video first made its rounds on the internet on 17 July 2023.

To know more about the scandal, watch this to the end:

However, this morning, on 11 September 2023, at approximately 11:24 AM, Mr Perera broke his silence with a new post on Facebook, accompanied by a similar update on Instagram.

In these posts, the administrator of the page revealed that the Facebook page had been hacked.


Despite retaining some level of access, the hacker appeared to be methodically deleting old posts, with over two years of content already removed. Currently, efforts are underway, in collaboration with the team at Meta, to rectify the situation and secure the page.

He also announced it on Instagram:

As it stands, the most recent post visible on the Facebook page dates back to 17 June 2021, as depicted in the following post:

His Instagram account remains unaffected by this breach, standing as a solitary beacon amidst the chaos.

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