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Actress Jeon So-min Leaving Running Man After 6 Years


Jeon So-min Exits Running Man After Six Memorable Years; Takes Break for New Ventures

Did you grow up watching Running Man, too?

Everyone can easily agree that Running Man is one of the first South Korean variety shows that has broken into the international market.

First aired in 2010, Running Man is a 13-year-old variety show that still receives a lot of love and attention from fans all over the world. In fact, it is South Korea’s current longest-running variety show.

But in 2018, OG member Gary had left the team. And shortly after in 2021, Lee Kwang-soo also waved goodbye due to health reasons.

In the meantime, Running Man welcomed two new members, Yang Se-chan and Jeon So-min. With their enthusiasm and various love-lines, Running Man fans began to feel the absence of Gary and Kwang-soo less…until this week.

Yes, it is official. Jeon So-min will leave the Running Man team, as announced by her agency King Kong by Starship this Monday on 23 Oct.

Her very last filming will take place on 30 Oct.

Jeon So-min: Needs Time To Recharge, Even From Acting Career

When asked about the reason for departure, the agency has revealed it was for “recharging”.

According to YTN news outlet in South Korea, Jeon So-min’s agency has responded, saying, “Since it is a program where long-term bonds were forged, we have put a lot of consideration into this decision. After long discussions with the Running Man members, the production team, and the agency, we decided that (So-min) will take some time off from all activities, including acting, to recharge and show a better side of herself.”

Indeed, many netizens can relate to why her battery is flat now.

While she has received a lot of love for her quirky charm and outspokenness, she really gave up everything, including her image as an actress, so she could save Running Man in danger when the OG left.


And she did it. She had even received the SBS Rookie Award and Grand Prize as a cast member in Running Man.

But still…

Haters Still Gonna Hate

Yet many people still hated on her.

Although it was much worse when she first joined the Running Man cast, So-min has been receiving a lot of malicious comments, so much until the viewer bulletin board on Running Man homepage was closed.

And that’s not the end. These haters even went onto YouTube and demanded her to be removed from the program.

The keyboard warriors are still doing their cancel culture. But the damage has already been done.

So-min was hospitalised in 2020 due to the health issues brought by the hurt from all the hate. And even if she had pulled through the next three years, the hate only became worse.

Many would say this is a well-deserved rest.

Kim Sejeong & Lee Mi Joo Nominated To Be Part of RM

Undeniably, her presence will be dearly missed. But netizens are already guessing who the next replacement might be.

In an online forum, Koreans have already created a discussion to nominate some celebrities they deem as potential to replace So-min’s position in the show.


Some of the candidates include singer-actress Kim Sejeong, Lee Mi Joo, Mamamoo’s Solar, Red Velvet’s Joy, Yerin, Hani, Bomi and Kang Hana. Most are guests who have appeared on the show, and already showed good rapport with the OG cast.

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