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S’porean Arrested in Connection to Murder Outside JB Nightclub Reportedly Allowed Bail & Return of Passport


Man in Johor Bahru Stabbing Case Released on Bail

On 27 October, both Malaysia and Singapore were deeply shocked by the savage stabbing of a 25-year-old Malaysian man named Xie Zhiyu.

This heinous act reportedly occurred outside a karaoke nightclub in Taman Sentosa, Johor Bahru.

The young man was found in the early hours, bearing nine grievous stab wounds across his chest, stomach, ribcage, shoulder, and back.

So, what transpired afterward?

In the aftermath of the crime, the three primary suspects were seen in a Singapore-registered car that appeared suspicious, located on Jalan Tanjung Puteri in Johor. Their ambitious plans for a swift escape, however, did not go as they had anticipated.

The police were quickly on their heels, and during a high-speed chase, the suspects lost control of their Audi sedan. The car not only collided with two other vehicles but also crashed into the main gate of Johor’s royal palace.

While it might sound like a scene from a movie, their escape attempt was anything but successful.

The culmination of this chase was at the Istana Besar palace. Here, the suspects were apprehended and identified as two Singaporean men and one Malaysian woman.

All of them were under the influence of methamphetamine. The police also retrieved a crucial piece of evidence from their vehicle: a knife.

What Happened After That

Following their capture, the trio was presented before a Malaysian court on 28 October. They were identified as 29-year-old Pan Xuanyao and 26-year-old Fu Yuming from Singapore, and 33-year-old Yang Yiwen from Malaysia (names have been transliterated from Mandarin).

Their behavior in court was erratic; one of them shouted at the media, exclaiming, “Shoot me, shoot me!” while another posed a question to the reporters, asking, “Have you never taken photos of a murder case?”


Intriguingly, despite the weight of evidence and their behavior, the Malaysian woman, Yang Yiwen, was reportedly released on the same day as the court hearing.

There’s now a new update to another of the accused.

Singaporean Reportedly Released on Bail

One of the Singaporean men, Pan Xuanyao, who is believed to have been driving the Audi that crashed, was reportedly also released on bail.

He faced two charges: one for consuming a controlled substance and another for the car accident.

He was reportedly granted bail for a total of 12,000 MYR, approximately $3,440 SGD. There are also reports suggesting that he might be given his passport back.

But what about the core issue, the murder?

Regrettably, the details surrounding the stabbing remain unclear. Until further evidence emerges, many questions about this case remain unanswered.

The victim’s father has expressed to the media that he did not recognize any of the suspects and was unaware if his son had any romantic relationships.

However, one thing is certain: Xie Zhiyu’s parents remember him as a dutiful son who never courted trouble or stayed out late.

His father mentioned that Xie was private about his personal issues, making his whereabouts on that fateful night an enduring enigma.


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