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Woman Who Argued With Cop in SGH Allegedly Worked as a Hostess Illegally


More Details Revealed About 29-Year-Old Han Feizi

Remember the video of the woman who made a big fuss in Singapore General Hospital, leading to her arrest?

Back then, it was revealed that the police found out that that she might have also been found contravening her work permit in Singapore, and the issue has been raised to the Ministry of Manpower for further investigation.

It’s unknown what she did, but today, we finally knew what happened.

Misrepresentation on Work Permit Application

Han Feizi, a 29-year-old Chinese national, is now under scrutiny for allegedly providing false information on her work permit application. She had claimed that she would be taking up a position as a clerk.

However, evidence suggests that she was actually working as a freelance hostess at various venues.

On 24 October, Han was formally charged with two counts under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act. It’s important to note that these charges are separate from the incident that took place at the Singapore General Hospital, and the hearing for that would occur tomorrow (25 October).

Court documents reveal that around 11 August, Han had indicated on her work permit application that she would be joining a firm named KDL Elements as a clerk.

Public records show that KDL ELEMENTS PTE. LTD. was established just the previous year and is associated with the entertainment industry, specifically nightclubs and karaoke lounges. This application was processed by the Work Pass Division of the Ministry of Manpower.

Interestingly, it seems that Han never actually intended to work for KDL Elements. Furthermore, she is accused of working as a freelance hostess from 1 August to 11 October without the necessary work pass.

Court Appearance and Bail Issues

During her court appearance today, Han, who was in custody, looked composed and sported large black-rimmed glasses.

She communicated with the court through a Mandarin interpreter, expressing her intention to plead guilty to both her previous and current charges.


A point of contention arose when Han inquired about her bail status. She mentioned that her fingerprints had been taken for bail, but she was later denied and was unclear about the reason.

The judge clarified that the proposed bailor might have been turned down by the bail center. When District Judge Lorraine Ho inquired if she wished to make another call to arrange for bail, Han expressed her desire to make an international call due to financial obligations back home.

However, she was informed that only local calls were permitted, but she could relay her message for someone else to handle the overseas matters.

Han also mentioned her relatively short stay in Singapore, highlighting that she had neither friends nor family in the country. When questioned about the potential bailor she had contacted earlier, she couldn’t recall the individual’s contact details.

The case is set to continue as Han prepares to plead guilty tomorrow.

What Did Han Feizi Did Previously

A video had gone viral on Douyin, showing Han verbally abusing staff at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) over a mask dispute. The video, which was later reposted on TikTok, depicted Han in a heated exchange with two police officers at SGH.

In the video, Han claimed she had been in a car accident, injuring her foot, and alleged that she had been denied treatment at SGH due to her non-Singaporean status.

She further claimed that she had waited for three hours in the emergency department before being attended to.

However, Associate Professor Kenneth Tan from SGH refuted these claims, stating that Han was discharged two hours after her arrival. The altercation began when Han was handed a mask, as per the hospital’s guidelines, which she refused to wear.

Despite the relaxation of mask mandates in most public spaces in Singapore, the Ministry of Health still mandates mask-wearing in hospitals.


The situation escalated when Han grew hostile, making aggressive remarks towards the hospital staff. The authorities were alerted around 2.35 pm regarding her verbal abuse. In another video, Han was seen attempting to grab a police officer’s lanyard and was reported to have used profanity against the officer.

This wasn’t Han’s first brush with aggressive behavior. Earlier in the month, on 3 October, she had confronted a security guard at The Sail at Marina Bay, a condominium. Reports suggest she was intoxicated and physically assaulted the security officer by pushing him and pulling on his tie, in addition to verbally abusing him.

Other than the MOM charges, Han faced multiple charges, including public nuisance, verbally abusing a public servant, assaulting a security officer, and intentional harassment.

Han Feizi: Influencer in China?

Shin Min Daily News has reported that Han boasts a significant following on Douyin, with over 265,000 followers on one of her accounts.

She reportedly operates at least two Douyin profiles.

Her secondary account, which has garnered fewer than 1,000 followers as of the latest update, is believed to be the platform where she uploaded the video featuring the SPF officer. Interestingly, her primary account’s link is promoted in the bio of this secondary account, inviting viewers to follow her main profile.


Shin Min‘s report further observed that many of Han’s videos were filmed at The Sail @ Marina Bay, a condominium situated on Marina Boulevard. She even geotagged this location in several of her posts. Earlier in May, she also geotagged another residential property, Tropika East, located near Eunos.

The daily also pointed out that Han’s content frequently showcases her indulging in luxurious dining experiences and traveling to upscale destinations, including cities like Sanya in China and Tokyo in Japan.

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