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HomenewsSurvey Shows That in S’pore, Gen-Z Eat More Meat Than Baby Boomers

Survey Shows That in S’pore, Gen-Z Eat More Meat Than Baby Boomers


Singaporeans take our food pretty seriously, so it’s no surprise that a survey has been done on how Singaporeans eat.

Here’s what you need to know.

Survey Shows That Half of Singaporeans Are Meat Eaters

What sort of diet do you have? And no, maggi mee isn’t a “diet”.

According to a YouGov survey, half of Singaporean consumers are meat eaters. It’s pretty self-explanatory; it just means that their diet primarily consists of meat and poultry.

Then what about the other half of Singaporeans?

They’re split between pescetarians (those who eat fish but not meat or poultry), flexitarians (those who’re mainly vegetarian but occasionally consume meat and fish), vegetarians, and vegans.

About a fifth of consumers consider themselves flexitarians. Only 5% of consumers think of themselves as vegetarians and vegans.

We’d drop the “seafood/see food” diet joke here, but I guess it isn’t appropriate given that only 3% of Singaporean consumers consider themselves pescetarians.

You might also want to know this: it was found that men are 10% more likely than women to consume meat and poultry regularly.

Something about the gym bro diet, we suppose.

Gen Zs Eat More Meat Than Baby Boomers in Singapore

But here’s where it gets more interesting—it was discovered that Gen Zs eat more meat than baby boomers in Singapore.


While less than half of “boomers” consider themselves meat eaters, three in five Gen Zs consider themselves meat eaters.

I guess we know where Gen Zs get all that energy to be keyboard warriors on TikTok.

There are also twice as many flexitarians among the “boomers” compared to the Gen Zs.

For the millennials and Gen Xs, we haven’t forgotten about you—only about half of Gen Xs and millennials consider themselves to be meat eaters.

Chinese Cuisine Most Popular in Singapore

Guess what cuisines are the most popular in Singapore?

If you guessed Chinese, Japanese, or Thai, congratulations—you’re right.

According to the survey, the most popular cuisines in Singapore are Chinese, Japanese, and Thai. However, even then, there are nuances to be made.

The survey found that meat eaters, flexitarians, vegetarians, and vegans are more likely to favour Chinese cuisine.

On the other hand, Japanese and Thai cuisine is more favoured by pescetarians.

Vegetarians and vegans seem to prefer Chinese and Indian cuisines.


Well, understandably so. Indian vegetable curry slaps.

How do Singaporeans Choose Their Diet?

The survey also examined how Singaporeans chose their food, categorising these decision-making factors into taste, price, health, and others.

Unsurprisingly, the survey found that taste was the top factor for meat eaters. After all, with how good shabu shabu is, who could turn it down?

Meat eaters ranked price as the second most important factor, followed by health.

The story’s a little different for pescetarians—while taste was still the determining factor, health was the second most important factor, followed by price.

Flexitarians also generally ranked their factors in the same order of importance as the pescetarians.


And to no one’s surprise, vegetarians and vegans ranked health as the most important factor, followed by price and taste.

We’re just shocked there wasn’t a “whatever my girlfriend chooses” option.

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