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Bigbang’s G-Dragon Under Police Investigation for Alleged Drug Use


G-Dragon is Under Probe for Drug Use

“Someone please save G-Dragon…”

“It looks like he needs help as soon as possible.”

For over a week, the internet has been awash with concerns from fans after footage emerged showing G-Dragon seemingly under the influence of drugs.

What was once mere speculation has now turned into a grim reality.

G-Dragon’s Disturbing Scene at Incheon Airport

It actually started in May.

On 9 May, G-Dragon touched down at Incheon Airport. He was scheduled to attend the Chanel 2023/24 Cruise Show in LA in his capacity as a brand ambassador.

However, during the departure formalities, cameras captured G-Dragon’s erratic behavior. After alighting from a luxurious sedan, he staggered towards the entrance.

As he waited to cross the road, he displayed unsettling body movements, constantly fidgeting and repeatedly removing and donning his beanie.

Given the suspicions of drug use, officers promptly approached to assess the situation.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the star’s first brush with controversy. He had previously been implicated in an alleged marijuana use case, and other members of his former group, BIGBANG, have had their share of legal troubles.

Today, South Korean media outlet News 1 confirmed that the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency has booked him without detention on the charge of violating the Narcotics Management Act.


BIGBANG’s Tumultuous Legacy (Save for Taeyang)

Since their debut in 2006, BIGBANG has cemented its place as one of the most influential K-pop boy bands. However, the group’s legacy has been marred by a series of scandals.

Originally a quintet, BIGBANG comprised G-Dragon (the leader), Taeyang, Daesung, T.O.P, and Seungri. Over the years, various controversies have plagued the members, leading to the group’s fragmentation:

Daesung: Involved in a 2011 car accident on Yanghwa Bridge where he hit a drunk motorcyclist.T.O.P: In 2017, he faced charges of illegal marijuana use during his military service and was hospitalized following a drug overdose.Seungri: Embroiled in multiple scandals, including a 2012 Japanese sex scandal and the 2018 Burning Sun & sex chatroom controversy.G-Dragon: In 2011, he faced allegations of illegal marijuana use and inappropriate behavior with a dancer during a concert.

In stark contrast, Taeyang’s most significant “scandal” was his marriage to Min Hyo Rin before his military enlistment.

The Investigation Continues, Casting a Wider Net

The troubles seem far from over for G-Dragon, with another potential scandal looming.

As reported by Yonhap News Agency, the investigation isn’t limited to G-Dragon. Acclaimed Parasite actor Lee Sun-kyun is also implicated in the ongoing drug case.

Furthermore, eight other men are under suspicion for illegal drug use in 2023 at various entertainment venues in Gangnam, Seoul.

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