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HomenewsFamily Members Had Prepared Birthday Feast for Man in Fatal Woodleigh Accident

Family Members Had Prepared Birthday Feast for Man in Fatal Woodleigh Accident


On the night of 11 September 2023, a collision between a car and a motorcycle occurred at the junction of Upper Aljunied Road and Bidadari Park Drive, just outside Woodleigh Mall.

When the collision took place, the 47-year-old motorcyclist, Lee Boon Tiam, sustained heavy injuries and was rushed to the hospital by paramedics. Unfortunately, the injuries ultimately proved to be fatal. 

A few days after the incident, more tragic details surrounding the deceased came to light. It was revealed that the day of the fatal accident was also Boon Tiam’s birthday

The Family of the Deceased Had Prepared a Superman Cake to Celebrate His Birthday

In an interview with Shin Min Daily News, Boon Tiam’s son, Lee Yongsen recounted how the family had been busy preparing a birthday feast for the 47-year-old delivery worker. 

To celebrate the special occasion, Boon Tiam’s family also prepared a Superman cake to express their appreciation to their “Superman Father” when he returned home from work.

Little did they expect to receive a shocking phone call regarding their father’s incident.  

At 8pm, Lee Yongsen received a call from a stranger. The female voice on the phone notified him that his father was involved in an accident. She also urged Boon Tiam’s family to make their way down to Tan Tock Seng Hospital by 10pm. 

At the hospital, the family was told that Boon Tiam had sustained a serious injury to his head and was unconscious before undergoing emergency surgery. 

Unfortunately, Boon Tiam would never regain consciousness. At 2am the following day, the delivery man was declared brain dead and finally succumbed to a cranio-cerebral injury at 7.07pm.

Family Members Saddened By Deceased’s Passing, Son Appealing For Witnesses

Yongsen later expressed how he and his family members were deeply saddened by the extremely sudden and tragic turn of events. He also shared that his mother had been the most affected by Boon Tiam’s sudden passing. 

Lee Yongsen shared with Shin Min Daily News that Boon Tiam had always been a careful and experienced rider, which made it unlikely for him to be involved in any accidents.


As of now, Yongsen has found little evidence surrounding the events leading up to the accident. This was because the owners of the blue car involved in the incident had failed to install a dashcam inside the vehicle.

In order to bring answers to his family and help them find closure, Yongsen has taken to Facebook to appeal to witnesses and the public to retrieve footage and other details related to the Woodleigh collision. 

Netizens on Facebook have since stepped up to express their condolences to Lee and his family.  

A Buddhist wake for Lee Boon Tiam will be held at Ang Mo Kio, and the deceased’s body will be cremated on 16 September.  

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