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Guest in Dennis Chew’s Paranormal Show Was Allegedly Possessed With Oujia Board Spirit


When we were younger, we probably read one of the many books from Singapore’s True Ghost Stories or Mr Midnight.

If you’re more of a movie buff, you must have heard of the local horror film Where Got Ghost which was directed by Jack Neo.

How much these stories affect a person is dependent on their own beliefs and how compelling the story is told.

For DJ Dennis Chew, he’s probably a genuine believer of the supernatural.

Lorenzo Nearly Possessed

In the 48-year-old’s most recent variety series called Mr Zhou’s Ghost Stories @ Singapore Sightings, the show revolves around supernatural encounters and visiting these “haunted locations”.

In the second episode of the eight-part series, DJ Chew, alongside comedian DD and his ghost-hunting pals Wisely and Lorenzo, head off to an offshore island.

On Halloween of 2015, Wisely and Lorenzo visited this location once, which is next to a Chinese cemetery.

If life was a movie, someone is going to become cannon fodder soon. It’s usually the person who suggested the location in the first place.

Wisely and Lorenzo, along with two other friends, then set up a Chinese Ouija board, otherwise known as die xian.

As Lorenzo retells the experience, he recalls feeling a “murderous aura” after they summoned the die xian spirit.

Wisely also observed that Lorenzo appeared restless; he was “trembling” at the start, but it worsened as time wore on and his head started to shake.


Perceiving that something was amiss, Wisely calls out Lorenzo’s name but receives no response.

Lorenzo said he felt like all the strength in his body had been sapped away suddenly and his hands wouldn’t stop shaking.

“I felt a little dizzy too,” he added.

If that wasn’t enough, Wisely noted that Lorenzo’s hands were unnaturally cold and told the others that they had to stop the ceremony immediately.

Despite that, Lorenzo still seemed “a little delirious”, and Wisely got the sense that he was trying to fight off the possession.

The others also tried to sober up Lorenzo, but they were similarly aware that something had gone wrong.

Lorenzo concludes the story, saying that he heard a young female voice calling out to an Alice, which in turn, made him feel “heartbroken and angry”.

He kept fighting against the presence because he was “afraid that [he] would hurt the people around [him]” after he was overcome with the desire to harm others.

Die Xian, Is That You Again?

While Lorenzo recounted his experience, Chew, Das, and Wisely felt like something was wrong.

Chew and Wisely mentioned that they felt a “presence” coming towards them, with the former describing it as a “very evil energy” that was fixated on Lorenzo.


Das claimed that he felt like there was someone behind him, but he didn’t dare to look back.

As a matter of fact, Wisely had a sense of déjà vu, as what they were witnessing was very similar to happenings in 2015.

Once again, Lorenzo said that he was feeling very cold, so much so that the hair on his arms, neck and back were raised, and he felt the “need to hurt someone” because he was “very angry”.

For reasons unknown to himself, his heart was beating really fast too.

In a wise move, Chew ordered the entire team to leave the area.

He advised Lorenzo to think of the sun—as it governs the positive yang energy—and Lorenzo immediately felt better.


The 48-year-old DJ noted that Lorenzo was “stronger” than his previous visit to the island, as he claimed to have felt the spirit attempting to possess Lorenzo numerous times.

Fortunately, Lorenzo was “strong enough” to stop it from succeeding.

Chew reckons that the consequences would have been “unimaginable” if Lorenzo had fallen prey to the possession.

Wisely, being the only other person who has been to the island twice, is certain that there’s a correlation between the two incidents.

He explained that Lorenzo provoked a ghost at the same location seven years ago. Since the ghost was probably lingering around, and there was a previous connection, the ghost tried for Lorenzo straight away.


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