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Chow Yun Fat Gives Scheduled Talk Even After a Fall Which Led to a Hairline Fracture


Chow Yun Fat has never failed to impress, no matter whether he’s being considerate of flight cabin crewmembers or completing a 10km run in 56 minutes at the age of 67.

Well, you now have one more story to add to the list.

Chow Yun Fat Gives Scheduled Talk Even After a Fall Which Led to a Hairline Fracture

On 27 July 2023, Chow fell down while jogging.

Nonetheless, he went on to give a talk titled “Chow Yun Fat x Anthony Pun x Felix Chong: Discussion On Movie And Life” at the University of Hong Kong the next day (28 July 2023)

The talk lasted for an hour and he talked about his film career and life.

He also brought up the tripping incident that happened a day before.

During the fall, Chow had scraped his palms and suffered a hairline fracture to his left rib.

He was told to stop physical activities for at least two months.

Had Difficulty Breathing and Laughing

It reportedly wasn’t easy for Chow Yun Fat during the talk.

He appeared to have difficulty breathing.

And whenever he laughs and coughs, it hurts.


The audience was reportedly moved by how Chow turned up despite his condition.

“Adversity Can Make You Stronger”

Chow said that sharing his experience with the youth was his way of giving back to society.

That sense of responsibility was what pushed him to attend the event despite the pain.

Speaking to the students, he advised that life is full of ups and downs, just like running.

Don’t give up when encountering setbacks because “adversity can make you stronger”.

“You can find a role that suits you, and you can be successful if you learn from your experiences.”

Remember, there is no miracle in this world, he said, only the accumulation of knowledge and experience.

What’s not to like about this humble and lovable actor, really?

Other Impressive Fat Gor Moments:

When it comes to becoming a role model, Chow Yun Fat is probably one you may consider.

Despite being a well-known movie star, Chow is well-known for his gracious behaviour. He was once spotted queueing up to buy movie tickets to his own movie. He had also asked for instant noodles while on a flight because he did not want to trouble the cabin crew too much.


Chow is also well-known for his frugal lifestyle. In 2018, it was reported that Chow only spent about $140 per month despite earning millions annually. This was revealed by his wife. He will reportedly donate his entire fortune to charity after his death.

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