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Everything About What Lawrence Wong Spoke About the Israel-Hamas War


By now, you should have heard about the tragic war that is ravaging Israel and Gaza.

As the two sides battle it out, leaving behind countless innocent people dead and wounded, we can’t help but wonder where Singapore stands in this blood battle.

On the one hand, Singapore, as a small nation, should not tolerate the invasion of other territories, as we know how bad it can get.

On the other hand, Singapore might not want to concern itself with such matters, at least publicly, lest we make enemies on some sides.

That would not be helpful if we ever need to engage them for help.

But of course, it is never possible to sidestep such touchy questions.

Our Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Lawrence Wong answered some questions about the situation in Gaza when he was in the United States earlier this week.

Here is what he said about the situation.

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong Expresses an Opinion on the Gaza Conflict

Do you get curious about Singapore’s diplomatic stance?

Because now we have a glimpse into what Singapore thinks about the conflict between other countries, where two sides battle it out for supremacy.

Unfortunately, death and destruction are usually left in the wake of that battle.


Earlier this week, DPM Lawrence Wong was asked a question about his opinions regarding the ongoing conflict in Gaza and Israel.

There has been talk that Israel is preparing to launch a massive land operation in response to Hamas militants’ invasion of its lands.

Israel had asked for the evacuation of people in the northern area of Gaza, which led to suspicions about an impending land invasion.

In response to the question, DPM Wong said that the civilians’ safety and security y should be an urgent priority.

As the local news outlet The Straits Times reported, DPM Wong said that both the United States of America (USA) and “regional partners” were trying “very hard to prevent an escalation of the situation”.

This was to avoid the scenario of a “wider conflict that involves other countries in the Middle East”.

DPM Wong also touched on the economic impact of the conflict, saying that there could be “implications for oil, disruptions in supplies of energy, and that will impact the economy”.

This was why Singapore was keeping a keen eye on the situation and its developments.

Singapore was also watching the situation from a security perspective, saying that “extremist and terrorist groups” who “exploit the situation” could find Singapore “a very attractive target” which means that we have to step up our security measures and protect the peace locally.

His Comments Were Part of a Doorstep Interview on the Last Day of the US Visit with Local Media

For those who are wondering why DPM Wong expressed these opinions, he made the comments in a doorstep interview on the last day of his US visit with local media.


The visit was for 10 days, and he was in the US to discuss bilateral ties, including defence and security measures.

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