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South Korea Influencer’s Images Are So Fake, Even an AI Can Do Better Than Her


What’s the difference between an influencer and a catfish? Well, one’s a bottom-dwelling scavenger, and the other’s just a fish…

Alright, we apologise. We were kidding there.

Once in a while, however, we see a collision of worlds—a combination of the two. An influencer who doubles as a catfish.

That’s precisely the case for South Korean influencer Shasheile, better known by her Instagram handle “shababy”.

South Korean Influencer’s Images Are So Fake That Even AI-Generated Images Do Better

So, the woman of the hour—South Korean influencer Shasheile.

Let’s see what she looks like, shall we? Or at least, what she looks like on Instagram.

Spot the Photoshop Challenge, difficulty: impossible.

This isn’t even the most photoshopped-looking one yet, although her head is the size of a volleyball in that photo.

Here’s one of Shasheile eating.

Even the plate also bigger than her face sia. Barbie would be jealous. 

Here are some other photos that flaunt her figure, although we can’t even be sure whether that’s her actual figure.


If you look closely, you’ll realise that her fingers are as long as the wineglass. Perhaps reality is a lie.

And in this one, her waist is so tiny that she should probably save a couple of bucks and buy children’s clothing instead.

And for having such a nice figure, she sure does post many photos of her at restaurants and other food establishments.

Are the rest of us eating wrong or something?

One thing’s sure: Goody Feed’s Blue Cat is definitely jealous of her “figure”.

That is, if it’s real. For now, even an AI-generated photo can look more real than the photos Shasheile posts.

Netizens Make Tongue-in-Cheek Comments About Influencer’s Photos

Despite how photoshopped Shasheile’s photos are, she has still garnered a decent following of half a million followers on Instagram.

While the influencer has a sizeable number of comments complimenting her physique and looks, there’s also a handful of netizens following her purely to test her patience.

Just look at the tongue-in-cheek comments made by some netizens on her posts about how “natural” she is.

Of course, some netizens are a little more direct, questioning what Shasheile looks like in real life.


Top 10 unsolved mysteries. Even more elusive than Tharman’s reasons for choosing the ong lye as his symbol.

M’sia Influencer Exposed for Photoshopping Picture

This is far from the first time we’ve seen influencers in netizens’ crosshairs for photoshopping their pictures.

Last year, a Malaysian influencer and YouTuber, Dior大颖, was thrown into the limelight after uploading a photo of her against the backdrop of the Petronas Twin Towers.

Just look at the Twin Towers in the back.

Bro, you in inception ah?

Fortunately, there aren’t compulsory Photoshop classes in schools. The influencer would probably fail them. But then again, compulsory Photoshop classes would also do her some good.


You can read more about netizens’ reactions to the Malaysian influencer’s photo here.

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