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10 Memories about Sim City That Will Stay With Us Forever; Even Now in 2023


Last Updated on 2023-05-09 , 12:21 pm

Sim City, the game many of us grew up playing since 1989, has spawned many versions since its inception.

You felt sort of like a God, everything was controlled by you, in fact you were your own town’s God.

You designed, planned and build the whole city, trying to provide the best to your people in order to achieve that sweet spot of a Utopian city.

Who knew a simulated city game could bring us so much memories?

1. We tried to be a good mayor

Remember how we organized and planned everything in the city from taxes to emergencies so that the citizens could be happy? There was the added pressure of making sure the budding metropolis did not go deeply into debt and keeping happiness levels as high as we could.

2. Panicking over abandoned buildings

We all know that once a family in Sim City moved away, their building would fall apart soon after their departure. Especially if there is a sudden on-spread of abandoned buildings as citizens left because we weren’t managing things well. How can we rule when there are no people to rule over?

3. Aliens, aliens everywhere

Alien spaceships disguised as vehicles soon became almost like a part and parcel of everyday life in Sim City. Our poor defenseless Sims seemed to be living in fear of an alien invasion happening any second.

4. The importance of civil engineering

Your young mind probably wasn’t thinking much about safety and emergency procedures when you built your city. Why waste money and space on firehalls when you could use it for better purposes? You realized that they are there for a reason, especially when fires broke out and there was no firehalls nearby.

5. Reading the manual

Remember when games came with manuals? This came in older versions and for those who purchase those I’m sure you remember spending hours poring over the manual, trying to learn how to be a great city planner all at once.

6. Cheat codes

Back when Sim City was all the rage, us youngsters would compare city sizes and statistics. Innocent you probably wondered why your friend who started later than you suddenly had so much money to build all sorts of infrastructures. Then you discovered his secret, he used cheat codes and armed with this knowledge, soon your city started to flourish as well.


7. Puzzling over tax rates

They say nothing in life is sure, except for death and taxes. Sim City doesn’t let you forget this either, you have to figure out tax rates to use so that you can walk that fine line between being bankrupt and your citizens’ happiness.

8. Annoying advisors

When advisors were first introduced, we thought that they could help us and actually give good advice. However, they usually just gave short descriptions about the city’s problems and what we remember is they usually just popped up to complain, complain and complain.

9. Futuristic Arcologies

We all wondered about arcologies in the beginning but they seemed pretty cool so we build them once we were able to.

Ever tried the Launch Arco Trick? Your Sims living in the arcologies are all launched into space to find new worlds. We hoped they did because we never saw them coming back.

10. Time disappearing down the Sim City black hole

It was so easy to lose track of time when you were playing Sim City. It was super addictive, as you sat there managing your city, handling disasters and generally just being an awesome mayor.

We all probably lost hours of our lives every day, trying to build the best city ever.

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