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Rebecca Lim, Whose Next Film is Coincidentally Called Confinement, Announces That She’s Pregnant


Whenever Rebecca Lim steps into the limelight, it’s not merely news—it’s an event that sends waves across Singapore. In 2011, she surprised everyone with her marriage announcement, a revelation that had everyone buzzing and playing detective to uncover details about her then-future husband. Fast forward to today, and the dazzling star has just shared another heartwarming update: she is four and a half months pregnant, eagerly preparing to welcome a little one just in time to celebrate the Chinese New Year with a Rabbit baby.

Rebecca Lim, Whose Next Film is Coincidentally Called Confinement, Announces That She’s Pregnant

Rebecca Lim had made her announcement on Instagram:

The Singaporean actress also opened up about the bittersweet moment she discovered her pregnancy, a period marred by the loss of her father in May.

As she navigated this emotional whirlwind, she found solace and joy in the anticipation of her new role as a mother.

In true Singaporean fashion, Rebecca has been indulging in a delightful array of local dishes, with a particular fondness for carbohydrates—rice and noodles, to be precise.

But the crown jewel of her cravings? A pot of her mother’s home-cooked mee soto, a dish that holds a special place in her heart.

However, amidst all the planning and anticipation, there remains a tantalizing mystery that has everyone on the edge of their seats—the gender of the baby.

In a move that adds a sprinkle of suspense to her journey, Rebecca has chosen to keep this detail a secret, a precious moment she wishes to share with her family when the time is right.

Lights, Camera, Action: Rebecca Lim’s Work and Legacy

Recently spotted at a Lancôme event, the star hinted at her blossoming journey with a loose-fitting black gown that gracefully draped her growing baby bump.

And speaking of thrilling journeys, Rebecca is set to star in a spine-chilling local horror thriller titled Confinement, a project that eerily mirrors her current life chapter. Directed by the acclaimed Singaporean filmmaker Kelvin Tong, the movie promises to be a thrilling ride, opening in Singapore cinemas on 19 October.


Rebecca plans to take a brief hiatus to focus on her new role as a mother.

A Glimpse into the Life of the Lion City’s Queen, Rebecca Lim

For those who might be unfamiliar with the queen of Singapore’s entertainment industry, let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

Born on 26 September 1986, Rebecca Lim embarked on a journey to stardom when she graced the stage of the Miss Singapore Universe pageant during her university years. This appearance earned her the coveted Miss Photogenic title, paving the way for a flourishing acting career.

After completing her degree in Accountancy with a major in law at Singapore Management University, she transitioned to a full-time acting career.

Lim’s acting prowess was first recognized in 2008 when she secured a leading role in the drama The Truth. Despite initial criticism for her command of the Chinese language, she continued to hone her skills, garnering positive reviews for her role in Fighting Spiders in 2009. This role won her the Actress of the Year award at the ELLE Singapore Awards in 2010.

Her career trajectory soared further with a series of successful roles in dramas such as The Pupil, where she portrayed a trainee lawyer, earning her the Best Actress in a Leading Role at the 2010 Asian Television Awards.

Throughout her career, Lim has been a recurrent figure in the annual Star Awards, securing numerous nominations and wins, including the Best Actress award in 2015 for her role in Yes We Can!

She has also graced the covers of various fashion magazines and was a guest at the Paris Fashion Week 2019 for Christian Dior and Hermes.

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