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Tomorrow (29 July) is The 1st Day of Hungry Ghost Month; Here’s What You Must Know by Tonight


It’s finally here.

In the last two years, when the Gates of Hell and Heaven opened, there were group size limits, safe-distancing and some spirits rather stayed in instead of visiting earth as they’ve not received their TraceTogether tokens.

This year, everything’s finally back to normal.

So what should you expect tonight, and what’s going to happen in the next 29 days?

At 12am, 29 July 2022

At exactly 12am on 29 July 2022, the Gates of Hell and Heaven will open, and without SafeEntry, many spirits should enter our realm in record speed.

However, don’t expect to see offerings being burned tonight (28 July); offerings are usually made on the first, fifteenth and last day of the Ghost Month, which means you’d only see people burning offerings on 29 July, 12 August and 26 August.

Nevertheless, some people do burn their offerings at 12:01am tonight, probably because they’re not free tomorrow.

Now, if you think tomorrow’s the most “haunted” day, read on. Because it’s not.

But before that…

It’s Not Just at your HDB Block

Lest you’re unaware, you won’t be seeing “free fruits” at your residential area: businesses do burn offerings as well, so expect to see people in suit tossing hell money into a large burning bins.

According to traditions, if a business has burned offerings before, it should continue to burn every year; but if it never started the tradition before, then it won’t need to.


For that, some businesses burn on the three days, but some would only burn the offerings on the 15th day, depending on what they did the previous year.

If a business burn on some random day…it’s probably run by an angmo #justsaying

This means it’s time to wear something light tomorrow if your company has this tradition.

The Real Hungry Ghost Festival is on the 15th Day

The gates might’ve opened when the clock strikes 12am later, but spirits are well-fed in their worlds before heading to earth, so they’re technically not starving.


It’s said that after being in earth for 15 days without food, they’ll get famished, which is why people left food as offerings on the 15th of July. A hungry spirit is an angry spirit, and so, spirits are most hangry on 12 August this year.

That is the day that’s supposed to the real Hungry Ghost Festival, since they’re really hungry and would be looking for food.

That’s why you’d notice that in this article, we use the phrase “Ghost Month” instead, as that’s technically the correct term.

Now that you know these facts, watch this video to the end to know what you shouldn’t do in the next 29 days:


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